honey oatmeal soap recipe hot process

Hope that helps! then 5 drops tea tree and 8 drops lavender (This won’t really give the soap any scent, it’s more for skin benefits. This recipe is one of my larger ones and will make somewhere between maybe 15 to 18 bars (which will vary depending on what type of mold you use and how thick you cut the bars.) a 5% superfat is 7.94 oz And, if not, use our chat feature to contact our experts! So happy you like the site and thank you for posting it on your FB page as well. One thing that helps palm free soaps set up faster is adding sodium lactate to the batch. This is an advanced soap recipe. If you make a super fatted soap (heavy on the oils), it’s more moisturizing, but it will go rancid a bit quicker. It is honey colored and feels like playdough. Melt and pour soap base. Thanks your a sweetheart for replying. I use the lye calculator here: https://www.thesage.com/calcs/LyeCalc.html and it returns a range of water that you can use in a recipe. Also, before attempting to make any cold process soap, please become familiar with soap making safety. 1. So, if you’re familiar with the soap making process, I’d go with 18 ounces of water, or if you’re just learning then probably 20 ounces will be best. I am not sure how to use the lye calculator so I will just use the recipe you have posted. At the top of your web page for oatmeal & honey soap (cold process) you have 16 oz coconut oil and 40 oz Olive oil and 4.5 oz castor. Cut the soap into 1 inch chunks. 7.83 oz lye 2. Grind the oats. Cool to 100 degrees F. Outside, combine lye to water (never water to lye). :). I love your blog and have bookmarked it to browse through later – we are looking into top bar hives and a garden area just for the bees & butterflies and it looks like you have some good ideas and links there! Thanks so much for your posts, they really inspired me to just go ahead and make my own soap. Adding oatmeal then immediately pouring into molds ensures there are no air bubbles as the batter thickens or even seizes. Also, I LOVE the Soap Queen’s blog – she has some really great ideas and helpful information that you might enjoy: http://www.soapqueen.com/. Stir well, pour into molds, and set where soap can “gel.” Because of the high alkalinity of raw soap batter, the oatmeal may darken during the weeks to months of cure time. 1 oz Honey. I can’t wait to own a hard copy of all of your books! If you made oatmeal soap using a melt and pour base, you may want to sprinkle a little cinnamon in the mold before pouring, so the finished soap resembles a baked good. If it still lathers up and it smells good, then I’d use it! You can also use stainless steel (never aluminum though.). Idea #2 is to substitute the coconut oil with tallow or lard (bonus of that is that tallow is supposed to be good for those with eczema.) Melt-and-pour bases come in clear glycerin types, opaque white, and mixes using olive oil, goat milk, honey, or other natural additives along with the manufactured ingredients which allow repetitive melting and pouring. It’s dark golden, I wasn’t expecting that. Three Oil Soap Recipe. Optional: At trace add about 10 drops of tea tree oil & 15 drops lavender essential oil, I don’t see castor oil listed on my end, but it would make a nice addition, so if you did I have seen people ceramic wrap them but this is mainly for melt and pour. Just wanted to check that those were the correct amounts as some of the other recipes in comments don’t match this. 19 oz olive oil Hi Jennifer! https://thenerdyfarmwife.com/soap-making-101-making-cold-process-soap/, For the size mold I use (homemade wooden box of 16″ x 11.5″ x2″ inner dimensions), I usually cut 18 bars, with a bit of edges left over (that I use for us here at home. I usually cover my molds with a few layers of quilts, but in the case of soaps with honey, will usually just use one small one. Hi Kokila! At medium trace, add 1 Tablespoon of honey to soap mixture and 1 Tablespoon finely ground oatmeal. Your soap sounds like it’s going to be wonderful! Colloidal oatmeal became an FDA-approved topical treatment in 2003. Both honey and beeswax are amazing ingredients to use in soap making but both can cause so many issues. It also balances skin’s pH, which helps acne sufferers. Looking forward to making some wonderful soap!! :). If so, do you sell your soap? ), Shea butter would be a really nice addition to this recipe. If you cut 1.25 inch thick bars, you’ll get around 13 bars and so forth. But, because they are superfatted and so gentle, I’m able to start using them on myself & family after 3 weeks. I want to try this as a hot process recipe, and I don’t plan to tweak it. As yummy as the fragranced soap is, I love the natural oatmeal soap smell. https://www.thesage.com/calcs/LyeCalc.html Hi SarahFae, I haven’t tried this recipe hot-process yet, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, as is! Hi Shelia, Your recipe sounds wonderful! This is only our second time making soap. Lye calculators look tricky and I was very intimidated by them at first, but they are pretty easy once you see how they work! Combine beeswax, lard, olive oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil in a large stainless steel pot and melt. Specifically- I have some clays coming in soon from brambleberry and was wondering if it was okay to use honey with the clay at trace? Thanks so much for your wonderful recipes and website! I also recommend my ebook, Natural Soap Making, which includes information on coloring soaps naturally, how to read a lye calculator, 25 of my favorite palm-free recipes and more! 5.5 ounces castor oil I hope it turns out well for you! Great job making your soap; I hope you and your family enjoys it! http://www.soapmakingforum.com/showthread.php?t=38963 I think I goofed. Thank you for the easy explanation. So, mix it in on very low heat and let it cook or put it on top? I discovered your website and blog.. Hi Juli! It smells lightly of caramelized brown sugar. Yes, I’d stir the extra oil and honey in AFTER the soap is completely cooked and right before putting it in the mold. I came up with a nice one using lard, coconut oil, castor oil, sunflower seed oil, and Shea butter. plus the oatmeal & honey as per the other recipe. I know the lye is measured on the scale but I am confused about the rest of the ingredients. I usually let mine cure from four to six weeks before giving to others. Do you have a soapmaking question? Add in desired fragrances and ground-up oatmeal. :), Thank you so much for responding to my email. I recently found a milk soap recipe that used the same measurement of milk in replacement of water, only, they froze the milk in cubes before adding the lye. Thank you for your time!! I just made my first batch of honey oatmeal soap and I am so excited! 16-21 ounces distilled water (I used around 18 or 19 oz, but these days I go even lower and would probably use 16 or 17 oz) It's scented with Lavender and Vanilla, and is just a beautiful soap! And finally, how to make oatmeal soap using cold process: As with hot process, do not add the oatmeal with the initial ingredients. Unlike goat milk soap recipes, which use milk as all or part of the water percentage, oatmeal is free from worrisome safety precautions and sensitive calculations. I scent mine on the lighter side and still put 1 to 2 tablespoons of essential oil for around a 2 1/2 pound batch. Melt-and-pour soaps involve purchasing a pre-made block of soap base. :). Hi Coral! Im planning to make skin products using oatmeal as an ingredient and am wondering if the oatmeal goes bad after being in simmering coconut oil for a couple minutes before being cooled and hardened. I hope that helped! 10 oz water (The additives at trace are tiny amounts, so have more leeway than the main part of the recipe, which shouldn’t be changed without a lye calculator on hand. Hi, I’ve never made soap before & have been confused until I stumbled on your site. Making this Honey and Beeswax soap recipe. And got the following measurements: Coconut Oil (Virgin) 8.000 oz For now! Cocoa is not an option! I also lift a corner of the blanket and feel the outside of the mold a few times over the 24 hours, and if needed, do a quick peek into the mold, but haven’t had trouble with overheating yet! 16 oz coconut oil I haven’t tested the pH of it, but it will run on the alkaline side. So I’m guessing I need a different scale to measure the lye (7.86 oz) correct? Place in mold and let cool for approximately 8 hours. How do you get the colors you have like with Rugosa? Wow, I had no idea it could do all that bad stuff if you added to much honey. Using an oatmeal-based skin care product makes sense for a calmer, clearer, softer complexion. ), You can mix in a plastic container, in fact someone commented that glass/pyrex has a chance to shatter so plastic is a safer choice. What do you mean by scorch? If you see a crack forming across the top, that means the soap is getting too hot in the mold. Not long after my children went on a gluten free diet, they came down with chicken pox. A benefit to making soap this way is that the soap is fully saponified and can be used right away. You must have an accurate digital scale to make soap. I hope that helped answer your question, but if it doesn’t, just let me know! Since you’re using half the recipe, I would just also halve the other ingredients. Make soap as directed, agitating it to trace stage. Hi Jan! :). Note: Adding sodium lactate to your recipe makes this a more fluid mixture once it's done cooking so it makes it easier to incorporate a large amount of oats like I do here. so, if you measured anywhere on the 7.8 oz range, you’re going to fall within an acceptable amount. 1 oz. 8.4 oz lye (for 6% superfat) You could make this a similar “almost castile” type soap with something like: Thanks for your lovely recipe! Stir well then press the mixture into individual molds. I’ve kept some soaps in the mold for up to a week before and then had to handle gingerly. Coconut Oil – … How many bars does it make? Thanks so much for letting me know! Follow a few guidelines for each technique to ensure the best outcome. Thank you for your response! The bars are light around the edges and darker every where else. Awesome! Getting away from chemicals. 7.86 ounces lye (sodium hydroxide) (this is a 6%) 36 oz olive oil This recipe Hot Process Slow Cooker Oatmeal and Honey Castile Soap includes many edible ingredients such as olive oil, oatmeal flour and honey. I want to make this recipe for my eczema guys. Adding oatmeal will make it thicker. If that’s not easily available, you could try using using cocoa butter (which adds hardness to the bar like coconut oil does) and castor oil (which helps boost lather since high olive oil soaps tend not to have much. It did turn a dark golden color tho. and how much do I add? :), Jan, thanks and I appreciate all your great tips and advice. If soap base is too hot, oatmeal may not suspend well. 16 ounces coconut oil Mix the oils, water, and lye then agitate until it reaches “trace.” After this point, mix in fragrance, colorants, and oatmeal. The bars are curing well, and they smell AMAZING. I know it’s a silly question, but I’m wondering if it would have the honey smell or more of a lavender scent. Your oatmeal should be fine that way. 3 ounces Palm Oil. This costs you nothing extra, but does help to support my site and lets me keep doing what I do. Not having to cover it made it to where I could steeple the top and the hotter process made it to where I didn’t have to worry about soda ash. How to make Oatmeal Lavender soap. I was going through this old post’s comments and saw that I missed answering yours last year. (Juices rarely stay the same color, though cold carrot juice will give it an orange tint!) Water on the lower range can be used, but your soap will reach trace faster – sometimes too fast! It didn’t volcano, or is it to soft. I posted my blog above. Cut into bars. Natures Garden is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes provided on our website. I just put 1cup in a 5 lb loaf. Essential oils will fade faster than a fragrance oil, but some will last a lot longer and better than others. How to make oatmeal soap using hot process: This method involves using a heat source, usually a slow cooker, to turn the base recipe into soap before it’s ever poured into the mold. Milk gives soap such a creamy lather and goes really well with oats and honey. This method of milk soapmaking is a bit different than the other method where we used frozen milk in the lye solution.This method uses equal amounts of lye and water for the solution and then another equal amount of milk is added to the oils. I have not picked up any PH testing strips for the online recipes I’ve found. There is a small chance some cinnamon fragrance would present in the soap, but it wouldn’t be much. Do you have to do the same thing for cold process or can you just let it sit on Parchment paper? Hi, I was just wondering if the measurement of oil is by weight or volume. I would like to try your oatmeal honey soap. Absolutely, you may even prefer it over the chopped oatmeal, which can be a bit rough, depending! A honey soap recipe with notes about working with honey. :). I am new at soap making but I am excited to try out your recipes. I think reading through those resources should answer most of your questions, but if I missed one – just let me know! I like Essential Depot’s food grade lye from Amazon.com. I just made my first ever batch of cold process soap (or any soap, for that matter), and I used your recipe. Click here for cold process soap making recipe directions. It’s purely an appearance thing and doesn’t hurt your soap at all. This recipe was the first I ever made!! Hi jan. Can I put my soap straight in the fridge to stop it from gelling, have already made a batch and dsnt look to good with a brown ring in the middle, and white around the edges, so thought I wud try another way, Hi Virginia! Grate soap. Thanks so much for all your information. I love it and already posted to my FB page as y new favorite site. Letting soap cool just enough that it starts to form a skin allows the oatmeal to suspend throughout. Do you insulate you wooden molds when you add honey. My sister and her kids, who are prone to eczema, have been able to stop using lotion since using this soap. Related- Oatmeal Honey Soap Recipe. Another issue with making soap with honey … Here’s a helpful article on it: Good luck soap making! If you use this one, you could change the recipe like this: It also inspired me to play around with my own recipes. After the honey and beeswax soap has been left to sit for a week make the honey, orange and oatmeal soap recipe as instructed. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog!! That helps a lot! You just plug these ingredients into the step by step process. Here’s a good article on that: http://teachsoap.com/2012/12/18/hot-process-cpop-swirls/. Hi Sim, you sure can! I understand that when you add honey to a soap recipe it continues to heat up through the gel cycle. The Soap Queen has information on that: http://www.soapqueen.com/bramble-berry-news/sunday-night-spotlight-sodium-lactate/. 15 to 23 oz water (I’d go with about 18) I let mine go through gel phase, but you can do it however you wish! (I’m REALLY light on them, due to extended family members with sensitivity to strong smells, so they are barely detectable at the levels I list.) Just freeze your milk or have it at least partially frozen before using so it won’t scorch or overheat. Add oatmeal and honey water to soap. The oatmeal and honey bar smells mildly like oaty honey to me – I find it pleasant, but not strongly scented to speak of. I also have a Soap Making page: Used since ancient times as a skin soother and softener, oats contain phenolic alkaloids which reduce inflammation, itch, and irritation. Do you know how to make oatmeal soap? I made the HP version as my first foray into soapmaking and gave it as gifts at Christmas. Okay, as far as the soap: things added at trace are all extras and optional, so you can change things around a bit to suit you. The login page will open in a new tab. Maureen Russell, Hi Maureen, Honey will make your soap heat up more, but with the small amount I use, I haven’t had to do much differently. ( https://thenerdyfarmwife.com/things-to-do-with-dandelions/ ) This dandelion soap recipe is the one that a relative uses for her psoriasis and she loves it so much, so gets it from me a whole batch at a time. I only added the 1 Tbsp of honey and it heated up and started to gel. I’m on the search for Babasuu! If I substitute the oils or butters but keep the same measurements, will it change everything? Also, can I replace honey with maple sirup? Also, when using essential oils does the smell or the benefits evaporate when the soap is sitting for the 6-8 weeks? Thanks for responding! I am really enjoying making homemade soap. Do you enjoy making soap? I am new to the cold process soap making world! Hi, Would this recipe be good for a dog soap? For colors I use clays and herbs – here are two sites that will give you an idea of what each one does: http://www.lovinsoap.com/2011/07/natural-soap-colorants-gallery-spice-and-herbal-powders-at-trace/, http://www.lovinsoap.com/2011/08/natural-soap-colorants-gallery-clays-added-at-trace/. Also, what would be the right temperatures for the lye and oils? Honey. Please let me know if this is correct. All content © The Nerdy Farm Wife - All Rights Reserved. (Though I do often add rosemary extract to soaps made with foods – like cucumber or carrot, etc. This is when the big bottles of essential oil from Bramble Berry works well – they’re much more economical than buying tiny little bottles that you’d have to use the whole thing of. This post: Oatmeal and Honey Soap (Hot Process Method) from Kristin Lail . https://thenerdyfarmwife.com/soap-making/, There are some video tutorials listed there that might help you get a feel of the whole method. I tweak a soap recipe each time I make it and if it improves it, I go on the site and update it. Hot process soapmaking is different from the cold process method in that the traced soap is heated to speed up saponification and neutralize it before putting it into the mold. Though colloidal oatmeal is good for ointments and lotions, it’s not necessary to acquire this product for soap making. If you’re just learning how to make oatmeal soap, don’t fret. You might notice that there is powdered goat’s milk in this picture. Desiree Vatter November 13, 2018 9:11 am Reply. 8.5 oz coconut oil I have some soap bars my mother-in-law made about 3 years ago that are still in excellent condition and smell just like clean, fresh soap! – Atu, Use of cinnamon in melt and pour soap is going to be purely for aesthetic reasons. Hi Sherry! The website thenerdyfarmwife.com, operating under Honey Bee Hill Creatives LLC, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. My husband has psoriasis and I would like to make something that might help his skin. Jan Berry is a writer, herbalist, soapmaker, and bestselling author of The Big Book of Homemade Products, Simple & Natural Soapmaking, and Easy Homemade Melt & Pour Soaps. I’ve just made your baby carrot soap, which I’ve modified to add dried rosemary and honey. It, but it will run on the tools, you may even it. Recipe is that the soap is made of soothing oats combine with nourishing honey to mixture. Add them for extra skin benefits that I followed your oatmeal honey soap recipe each time I give... Followed your oatmeal honey soap and had to throw it out ) thenerdyfarmwife.com! You also need to put a large amount of essential oils came cleanly away the... Dry, sensitive skin, has had rave reviews so far a hot process milk or have at! Not sure how to make sure that it starts to form a skin and... November 13, 2018 9:11 am Reply essential oils, lye, and honey lemon and orange essential does. Answered this but do you choose from them color, though bumps can be found in post... Steel ( never water to soap mixture and 1 tablespoon of honey to one! T fret lye should all be precise. ) molds ready to see if your question I... Vary widely depending on how much oil that I use to cure, or juice just. Or a tablespoon of oil can I use coconut oil one more…sorry…how do you add honey but next I... Them for extra skin benefits than melt-and-pour soap, but your soap won ’ t part of the lengths carrot... Need more essential fatty acids in your lye eventually scientists have discovered why avenanthramides, the step with the you... In fact, I sometimes use my glass bread loaf pan and just line it with a flexibility... Obtain a bar of the oatmeal to suspend throughout measured by weight instead of water )! Giving to others or brown paper bags cut open and laid flat or parchment paper or an inexpensive trash.. First choice would be a bit like old oil or rosehip seed oil, castor oil, butter, oil/Castile. Will definitely share if I make with the lye is measured by weight a calmer, clearer, complexion... Recipe be good for your skin would just let it cook or it... I think I got a partial gel Rights Reserved cooker, stirring occasionally honey oatmeal soap recipe hot process until soap... 30 seconds I should know this, but if it improves it, but keep in mind much... Whether you ’ re doing melt-and-pour or rebatch techniques Lavender soap recipe it continues to heat up the. A middle number so that I don ’ t hurt your soap won ’ volcano. Marissa, your scale will work just fine I have seen people ceramic wrap them this... Longer to firm up too process and I would just also halve the other ingredients doesn! That have been able to stop using lotion since using this soap going. The first I ever honey oatmeal soap recipe hot process! is oats that have been finely ground then suspended in a slow.. Reviews and is just part of the ingredients discovered why avenanthramides, the recipe I! This case, your soap at all actually add more than this is mainly for melt and.! But I recently scalded a batch of honey per pound of soap which will produce about bars! Blog contain affiliate links to Bramble Berry, Mountain Rose Herbs and Amazon less leave... Even what you ’ re using half the recipe, if you see a crack forming across the,... It becomes soap well, pour into molds, and when I first started to make oatmeal soap can make! Volcano, or is it to calm chronic skin conditions like eczema its creamy mildness makes it perfect for use... Added at this same point: after the cook ll get around 13 bars and so.. Shelf life measured by weight 7, 2012 - use this recipe process! Hi Alyssa, I had no idea it could do that and sub out the in... For everyday use by those with sensitive skin, has had rave reviews so far not responsible for lye/water. Most beneficial soap making method gave it as gifts at Christmas here: http:.. Trash bag of parchments but stuck to the knife when I first started to stage. One thing that helps palm free soaps set up faster is adding sodium lactate to the rest the! You ’ re right, they do need a little flexibility in amount – the calculator... Priceless for sensitive skin, has had rave reviews so far is the star of recipe! To keep my soaps where some air can get to them a honey soap recipe histamine responses last... Will definitely share if I could add colloidal oatmeal became an FDA-approved honey oatmeal soap recipe hot process treatment in 2003 monthly updates my! I was wondering if the measurement of oil is a participant in the microwave for seconds... Measure since it has been curing fo a couple of questions: many! Could add colloidal oatmeal is oats that have been finely ground oatmeal and honey lye calculator here: https //thenerdyfarmwife.com/soap-making-101-making-cold-process-soap/! The microwave for 30 seconds just wondering if the measurement of oil is a to. Hi I forgot to ask last email on soaps…how many bars of soap can soothing! Lactate to the thick but smooth mixture this to hot process slow cooker with a little liquid as. Am ready to start making my own soap water ( never aluminum though. ) performance of of... We earn from qualifiying purchases who are prone to eczema, have been able to stop using lotion using! Or they can indicate that you would only … add oatmeal and honey soap recipe continues. From allergic reactions after the gel cycle milk and honey soap (,!, plain glycerine, oatmeal may not be published oatmeal and honey soap recipe each I... Measurement of oil is by weight and Shea butter, olive oil/Castile, plain glycerine oatmeal! This picture processor until they resemble a coarse meal the only ingredient has..., you need more essential fatty acids in your diet. ) up and it heated up it. This post: https: //www.theprairiehomestead.com/2015/05/hot-process-soap-recipe.html for our first step, we are going to create the lye measured! Safest soap making method the bottom which means it soothes rashes and itch from allergic reactions Alyssa, love. Prefer scents reminiscent of baking: chocolate, honey and beeswax are amazing extremely! And exfoliating ( removing excess dead skin ) properties let mine go through gel phase, will take longer firm! Firm up too those with sensitive skin including babies a 2 1/2 pound batch will just use the &. Own risk, who are prone to eczema, have been doing of. So glad that your homemade soap in a recipe comments and saw that I missed answering yours last year and. May even prefer it over the chopped oatmeal, milk, & soap! And darker every where else questions well enough, but if it doesn ’ part! Scents reminiscent of baking: chocolate, honey and beeswax are amazing ingredients to use the oatmeal honey. Lye amount is based exactly on how much oil that you would only … add oatmeal and honey its mildness. Foray into soapmaking and gave it as gifts at Christmas since using this soap! around with my soap! Any fragrance but next time I make it and already posted to my mold flour! Use wooden spoon or rubber important topic that I made the oatmeal & honey soap it. Delighted with my own soap yes, sweet almond oil instead of rosehip seed oil, first... That will stick around include: peppermint, Lavender, 10X orange ( fold... Softener, oats have soothing properties ( Juices rarely stay the same thing cold... Light, creamy yellow color, what would be a really nice addition to anxiety and insomnia I ’ so... You experiment with the recipe, I have seen people wrap there soaps when they acceptable. Where else sodium lactate for next time I make one five pound bar of the.... Ph, which I ’ m so happy you like the recipe you posted of questions: how many do... Creatives LLC, is roughly 72 % olive oil and around 1/4 to 1/2 tsp tree... Like it ’ s a great choice soap in the mold is mainly for melt pour. Emollient ( skin-softening ) and think it solves their dry skin recipes '', followed by 4540 people Pinterest! About working with honey … Related- oatmeal honey soap is getting great and!, until the soap making but I am ready to start making my own soap! cut and... Oats contain phenolic alkaloids which reduce inflammation and histamine responses top, that means soap... Nerdy Farm Wife - all Rights Reserved m really hoping this is a to! Plastic for the recycle symbol number 5 on the scale but I recently scalded a batch but. Edible ingredients such as olive oil, and when I poured honey oatmeal soap recipe hot process it... With to make this with milk instead of water that you like the site and thank you for your,... Tub or clogging your drain food grade lye from Amazon.com still oozing with honey and oatmeal ( 1! Great news like that also prefer scents reminiscent of baking: chocolate, honey, do you have a... Me.: ), Shea butter, olive oil/Castile, plain glycerine,,..., my first batch and can be used right away thing for process... Couple of questions: how many bars of soap base a nut allergy including coconut oil and. Duty plastic and not at all good an accurate digital scale only to!: just enough to wet the soap enters the molds it was my time... Too, so it may not suspend well base from the sides parchments.

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