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Thank you for all doing so much research!! Thanks Suzy! You could check their online sites as well as they might have it there if it’s not in stock in the actual store. I used fusible batting on my first quilt, a bedspread sized beast for my son. Please email to get a form sent to you, so you can sign up for wholesale. Batting can be purchased by individual size – typically based on the traditional bed sizes (crib, twin, queen & king) you can buy it by the yard off the bolt (typically available in big box stores like Joann’s). Here’s a post on that. It beards through dark fabric but I would still consider it for a utility quilt of denim, suiting, or courdoroy,. Typically fusible batting is only activated by steam – which means that I was on my hands and knees trying to steam iron a quilt while it was on the floor. I pieced my back using prints from the […]. If you’re looking for super soft fabric, though, try double gauze – When I started quilting polyester was all the rage. Pin the borders to each side, matching the three pins and the outside edges. Needle-Turn Appliqué Tutorial,,, Bayside Quilt Pattern + Video Tutorial! I prefer a cotton batting for my projects but my concern is the weight of a quilt as a cover for a baby. The best thing to do is to check your quilt for square as you are piecing it! Dedicated to quality and longevity. An 80/20 cotton/poly blend is a great choice! To top that off, when I finished, I washed it to get the adhesive out and the thing started bearding. Any recommendations? I’m at the point now where I must choose batting and your information has given me just what I need! Good call! I have used both Hobbs and Quilters’ Dream wool batting and would rate them excellent. Even cotton thread can cause a quilt to shrink a little bit when washed. You should be fine. Unless the appliqué is very light in color, I would look into using black batting. I am considering bamboo but I find that most are sold with scrim. PSR-Quilt Batting: Wolken, Bambus, und bald: Standard-Stift-, Baumwolle für Ihre Quilting Quilts. 1) Nope! Finding the best longarm quilting machine can get overwhelming after realizing how many units you can choose from. For those who use wool batting, can those quilts be washed? Also, it comes undone over time, meaning; as you quilt, the more you move it around, the faster the layers separate making quilting even more difficult! Batting (Tuscany Collection) Tuscany Wool, Cotton/Wool and Polyester. Pingback: The Difference Between Cotton and Poly Thread: A Hard-Hitting Interview - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Sewing Advice for Quilters by a Quilter - Suzy Quilts, I haven’t explored that much and am no expert,but I see you not addressing such important points as practicality – natural fibers, especially wool are not suitable for washing at all, and the fact that today’s much loved cotton batting is least warm of all. No matter how neat I was, that sticky spray would get on my floors, walls, and furniture. I think that it adds the perfect amount of loft to all my quilting projects. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say, “Hi!” in the comments! Pingback: Must-Have Quilting Tools: Secrets to the Best Sewing Toolbox - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: 5 Secrets to Machine Quilting with 12 wt. But it does most of the work of making a quilt either soft and warm and cuddly, or wall hanging worthy. Does it feel nice after washing? I’m the kind of person who goes to the toothpaste aisle of the grocery store and talks to myself for like 45 minutes, with varying degrees of hysteria. I know some folks don’t like to use sheets as backing. I have a question on bamboo batting. What batting would you suggest for a lighter weight quilt? Long story short, it did not go well, even after I watched PLENTY of youtube tutorials. So. This batting produces a quilt very similar to antique quilts. Do you have any thoughts on fusible batting? , Thank you Suzy! Thanks! I pieced my back using prints from the […], […] Up next Tuesday in our Quilt Along Series: Batting and Backing fabric […], […] This week we are going to discuss two important parts of finishing a quilt with very helpful and informative tutorials by Kati Spencer of From the Blue Chair. Love your article and all the wonderful information. I would like some information about batting color—natural, white, or black. After working in a quilt shop for years it’s still the one isle that people definitely struggle in. I think you would really notice it if you used a lot of dark fabric. Required fields are marked *. Good luck! I did try the bamboo batting and liked how it quilted, but haven't washed it yet, so don't know if I'm totally sold on it! Best Longarm Quilting Machine Reviews 2021. I have never done that, but I doubt it would ruin the quilt. Thank you for providing so much information about batting. very informative. Once again there are lots of options. I’m using a sit-down HQ Sweet Sixteen. My mom made three of my children warm, heavy quilts like this before she died. Pick-up only. I think that quilting design will look great! Any suggestions for a good batting? A cotton-poly blend with a wool on top? It is easy to hand quilt, warm, light and cheap. Good job describing each type of batting Suzy! I mostly recommend this for custom quilting because it really makes the quilting POP! I have no problems with quilting this batting on my domestic machine. I used Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton blend batting and the quilts turned out awesome but they seemed stiff. Wool – 100% natural fiber, but it can shrink so if you buy it, make sure the label states if it’s been pre-shrunk. I have 2 questions: Hello, I am making my first t-shirt quilt and my t-shirt quilt-topper is fused and sewn. I have many great ones I can recommend, Crinklelove, being one of them – especially since you aren’t trying to hone a skill, and espeeeecially since basting and quilting a king-sized quilt is…well…I don’t think I’d even attempt that cause it’s huuuuuge. The quilting pattern is also pre-printed on the panels. If most are sold with scrim, there’s probably a good reason. Was delighted when I found an online supplier who does a wadding sample pack, which includes all the ones I would like to try! What would you suggest? Tutti girl, you missed nothing. 15 years ago when my mom passed away I began a butterfly quilt using all the pretty floral patterns from her house dresses. I didn’t read all the comments so I hope I’m not reasking a question?? - Suzy Quilts, Is Knit a 4-Letter Word? I use Quilters Dream bamboo. I know this is an old post, but what you said about what they used to use reminded me. The bamboo is definitely the warmest quilt I have. And one more thing you may want to consider – I used a heavy-weight home dec fabric on the back of my placemats to give them a bit more heft and make them sturdier. Very useful info. Don't Get Too Lofty. Good luck! I am making first (and probably only) quilt to replace a very old one on our king bed. Batting Determines Your Quilting. Hi Suzy, I am making your Indian summer quilt pattern for my granddaughter. ), use a quality batting (maybe something light like bamboo) and drape it over your down comforter like a duvet. thanks for share..
. I am unfamiliar with alpaca batting, but would be the first to jump on board if I knew where to get it! Thanks for all your insight! The idea of using all the same material to build a quilt makes too much sense to me. High Loft batts are best for a thicker, comforter-type finish where the quilt is going to be tied (typically by hand) or if you really want to show off the quilting. Hi Suzy, What are your thoughts on silk batting? Triangle Jitters Quilt Pattern (Download), (Technically those places came to me in nicely packaged batting bundles, but MENTALLY I was traveling to all of those places. Thank you so much. I make bed quilts and mostly use Quilters’ Dream Select, a mid loft all cotton Because it’s synthetic, it shouldn’t beard, so it would be a good option for quilts that use a lot of dark fabrics – especially if you’re using solid dark fabrics. I am going to try it…it's thinner but we live in Houston so that might not be a, Actually, in order to go into my longarm quilting business, I had to send in batting samples to the State Laboratory in Reynoldsburg, Ohio and have them test the batting that I intended to use. Is it okay to not use batting, I have a “Christmas quilt” made with flannel shirts and fleece as backing – I as thinking this ought to be warm enough as I plan to use it primarily as a “bedspread”. Longarm quilting is the process by which a longarm sewing machine is used to sew together a quilt top, quilt batting and quilt backing into a finished quilt. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Quilter’s Dream batting is everything batting should be; consisting of high quality materials with soft and silky fibers. If you don’t want to baste it yourself, you could hire a longarm quilter to do it for you. I really appreciate your writing as much as your helpful tips, knowledge and reviews. You will have three pins on each side of the quilt. I want to hand quilt some pillow tops and table runners and am looking for low loft. I have some thoughts on batting that I’d like to share. Maybe see if that helps? Not as much weight or loft as quilters dream. a bit expensive. I have only used warm and natural cotton for the two other quilts I have made. Don’t forget to save your large batting scraps. Very dense and thick. Making the item still crinkle? Any advice? I LOVE Quilters Dream batting (esp their wool) and would like to try the bamboo. OK, it’s a bit pricey, but you’re gonna spend weeks, maybe months working a quilt to cheap-out on the batting? I'm still laughing. It has the most beautiful drape! I am making quilts for a ministry and I’m looking for the lightest batting to save cost on shipping. This type of batting is also easy to work with, and pretty low-maintenance. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mixing natural fibers with synthetic fibers can cause all kinds of problems down the road. I plan to straight line quilt. Low Loft batting makes a thinner quilt (obviously) but it is less bulky and works much easier for a running stitch whether done by hand or home machine – particularly if you are quilting it yourself. Any suggestions? They said they had to clean the bobbin after every line. That stuff is expensive! I recently tried a bamboo and cotton blend batting and that was lovely to work with. My favorite batting so far (I have tried many) is Pellon 100% wool. . Or will it just soften up as it gets used and washed? I think two pieces of fabric would be overkill. And what a wonderful dream it was! Hmmmm…Flannel is pretty soft. Flannel won’t be any sturdier than 100% cotton batting, however it will be a lot thinner. They do make a bleached cotton and a 60/40 cotton/poly black batting as well. However now I’ve read about the dreaded bearding I’m worried about using it again without advice. Polyester batting thicknesses are 10 oz is 1" thick, 6 oz is 1/2", 8 oz is 3/4", and 4 oz is 3/8". The batting doesn't unravel easily and come up through the top of my quilt (like some polyester battings have done to me). If your fabric is relatively high in quality, it will have a high enough thread count that bearding shouldn’t be an issue. Quilt Batting can make you … batty! (This can be good or bad, depending on your personal preference. Such a good suggestion! Can it be washed often? I use a lot of black in my quilts and use the black batting. This is a temporary fusing and typically works best on smaller scale projects. Some batting comes with “scrim,” which is a thin layer of stabilizer that gives your batting some strength, and keeps fibers from escaping and creating that dreaded beard. A double layer of Hobbs 80/20 and wool can give extra prominence to the quilted areas of your project. […], […] more information on finishing a quilt, go to these tutorials on Choosing Batting, Quilting, and Binding a Quilt. Lots of people use two layers of batting! I’m planning to use Quilters Dream deluxe poly batting, and I was wondering how thick the quilt would be. Millennium, Freedom, Lucey, Lenni and George. I am really loving your blog :)

P.S. Thanks! That’s a great question! You definitely can finish your quilt with no batting, but instead I would recommend using a really like batting like bamboo or a very light cotton, such as Quilters Dream Request loft. […] In the first quilt class I ever took I was told that the best, longest-lasting quilts are made from all the same material. I always stock up then – or use those 40% off coupons. off, Pingback: Fusible Batting Tape: Why You Need It & How to Use It - Suzy Quilts. My best recommendation would be using a thinner batting made for machine quilting. We have WHOLESALE pricing available on batting. (Connecting Threads also has a helpful info page about what size and kind of batting you need.) How do you decide which color to use, particularly natural or white? Most packaged batting does not need to be prewashed and it should say so on the usage instructions. Oh no! Thread breaks…hmmmm…this is not something I have experienced with bamboo batting, but I only sew on my domestic machine – a Bernina to be exact. I have used both 100% cotton and cotton poly blend batting in placemats and table runners and years later they are still in great condition. If you really want this quilt to be extra extra thick, you could double up on batting; however, I don’t think you’ll need to do that if you use the deluxe or the wool. I haven’t heard that. (I don’t machine-wash hand quilted quilts as […]. Suzy, So she suggested to never use the warm and. I think it would be really difficult to quilt with a machine – especially a traditional sewing machine. Toggle menu. Pingback: Free Cincinnati Quilt Pattern: A Nod to Mid-Century Modern Design - Suzy Quilts. If you haven’t tried wool batting yet, I suggest trying that before double layering. The downside? There are other brands that are 100% bamboo. I like all of the options on loft and type they offer. have to think out of the box I guess. I’ve always wanted to try silk or bamboo but the budget just isn’t there. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned sewist, there’s sure to be something for you to enjoy. Today we are going to discuss choosing the right quilt batting and backs. Don't do polyesters (any percentage) either.

I like my quilts 100%. If you want more information about batting check out Amy Smart’s post on the subject. One thing I didn’t see mentioned about cotton batting: if you are making a wall hanging/art quilt, do NOT use cotton. If you’ve used cotton batting they are likely to shrink slightly more. Wool batting is the type to cause bearding, and I’ve yet to happen to myself. Quilt batting also called wadding has come a long way in the last 20 years with so many choices and features. However, we have learned a few lessons since then and there’s a reason we don’t use feathers in our quilts anymore. The fabric was 100% quilters cotton sandwiched on both sides. I hand quilted it for about three years then got impatient and asked a friend to longarm it. You can identify these battings by their processing. If so I’ve never used this before, which blend ratio do you reccomend for baby quilt. My wool is felted and has an appliqué tree – Sue Spargo style. A poly blend will be a lighter quilt than the cotton. Is this a common problem with long arms or do you need to use specific thread types with it? But I try to find all cotton ones either vintage at thrift stores or at IKEA.

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