industrial air compressor

An industrial air compressor is an expensive and important purchase, so you want to be sure it’s going to last for years of heavy use in your shop. We perform all of the critical fabrication work in our own purpose-built fabrication facility. Model #CTA5090412. Air-Compressors-Industrial. All of this is powered by a massive 7.5-horsepower motor, which is oil-lubricated so that it is sure to last for years to come if it is well maintained. Willkommen bei Air Industry in Hamm. Whether you need urgent support with a downed system or you want to ensure your equipment is running as efficiently as possible, we offer our compressor support and expertise from 6 locations throughout western Canada. We have gained a very good reputation for our products and services. About Air Compressors; Air Compressors; About Air Compressors. We offer full preventive maintenance packages, supplementary maintenance check-ups, or can help train your on-site maintenance staff. Chamco has 6 decades of expertise to draw from when we design and manufacture our engineered air compressor systems. Our simple, but bold warranty programs demonstrate our belief in the quality found in Gardner Denver industrial air compressors. ventilating silos, operating laundry presser, running pneumatic machinery, and spraying crops. The only issue some users had was that it does not come with wiring directions, which is important since it requires a 240V shop outlet. Have a look at our industry applications to guide your way. The Industrial Air compressor was much smaller, with a maximum 155 PSI pressure, but we love the portable wheel-mounted design for users who need to bring an air compressor to a work site. Industrial Air - Air Compressors - Design To Perform Built To Last Not sure what kind of compressor you need? Because of this, choosing an air compressor for your tools is a huge decision that will affect nearly every project you work on in your shop – not to mention air compressors can be expensive. 0 bids. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Sort By Featured. The air compressors are generally used for a wide range of businesses worldwide to deliver compressed air to power complex industrial processes. It also aids to increase the productivity as well as efficiency of the industries. Industrial Air Industrial Air Contractor 4-Gallon Single Stage Portable Gas Horizontal Air Compressor. Most manufacturers only offer a one-year warranty since compressors can see heavy use, although DeWalt and Industrial Air offer limited two-year warranties on their compressors. Chamco is also the exclusive western Canada distributor of industrial air compressors from the leading manufacturers, including Sullair. Perfect for job sites without electricity available, our portable air compressors combine flexibility with durability and reliability. We offer a wide range of high-quality, industrial air compressor solutions for any application, across all industries. 1. Chamco has a dedicated team of in-house design and engineering staff to provide a full scope of engineering disciplines for each engineered air compressor project. We’ve been providing industrial compressor expertise for over 50 years, and all Chamco’s compressor technicians are either journeymen or indentured apprentice millwrights/electricians with specialized factory training. Standard maintenance is never adequate for an air compressor. This lubrication can either come in the form of oil – which needs to be added to the air compressor regularly – or in the form of a Teflon coating around the piston that provides permanent lubrication. New compressors of various makes and application as well as parts for all compressors. These Industrial Air compressors are specifically designed with the user in mind, ensuring that their products are easy to use and achieve more than expected. The maximum pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), and the rate at which air is delivered, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), are the two main factors that define an industrial air compressor’s performance. Delivered fully tested and mounted on a heavy-duty structural steel skid. Air compressors are extensively used for driving pneumatic HVAC systems and filling gas cylinders with the supply of clean air. Pressures up to 200 psig (1378.95 kPa) – 500 psig (3447.38 kPa) in two-stage units. Industrial air compressors are typically capable of compressing air to 125 PSI and often to 175 PSI, whereas 125 PSI or less is the maximum pressure found on most household compressors. Users loved the power of this compressor, which boasts a maximum pressure of 155 PSI despite its relatively small size. Seal welded checker-plate decking, drain sump, and drip lip. Extend the life of your compressed air system and boost its efficiency and performance with Chamco’s air compressor services. Engine-Driven SystemsGet superior power to get the job done with Vanair’s engine-driven power systems. Users also noted that the compressor is much quieter than larger industrial air compressors, which can be a major advantage in small shops where customers are coming in. Each of our industrial air compressors is researched, designed, and assembled by a world-class team. From air compressor package design to commissioning the system, our PMP-certified project managers ensure that our experience is applied to all of the critical tasks and performed in a timely manner to meet the needs of the project schedule. The Ingersoll Rand compressor stands out for its impressive size and power – the 80-gallon tank is more than enough to keep large shops running air tools throughout the day. Having more pressure means you can use more powerful pneumatic tools like … We can respond to service calls around-the-clock in even the most remote locations with one of our many fully-equipped service trucks. This air compressor from Quincy is a direct competitor to the compressor from better-known DeWalt and comes in at a significantly lower price point. Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air CompressorsAn energy-efficient, reliable option for Class 0 oil-free air. However, note that you may need a high-powered 240V shop outlet to use with the Quincy and Ingersoll Rand air compressors. The pressure you need will be determined by the tools you are planning to use with your air compressor. An air audit can highlight significant cost-savings opportunities at your site. It's all in one place! Currently we are a team of 53 employees. The air delivery rate is also similar – 15.4 CFM at 100 PSI – and provides plenty of air to power tools like air impact wrenches and air ratchets. Custom designed to meet your specific needs. Was: $5,257.66. Controlling the production process lets us ensure that the work is done right, potential delays are managed and mitigated, and that the quality of the product is unsurpassed. There are a several important choices you need to make about the type of industrial air compressor you will get before you even get into thinking about tank volumes and maximum pressures. These are the: POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT AIR COMPRESSOR: … Compare; Find My Store. Industrial Air Power maintains a complete stock of replacement air compressor parts, lubricants and accessories for all major brands of air compressors at prices up to 40% lower than your local dealer. Household air compressors typically have small tanks on the order of several gallons, which means that the tank need to refill with air and recompress it after only a short period of tool use. or Best Offer. We spent tens of hours researching popular industrial air compressors, reading through hundreds of customer reviews and poring over technical specifications. For that reason, California Air Tools only offers a one-year limited warranty on the compressor. Here, we’ll highlight the most important features and explain how they affect the performance of your industrial air compressor. Now that you’ve learned more about our five favorite industrial air compressors, how do you choose between them to find the air compressor that is right for powering your tools? Quincy high-efficiency air compressors can meet the unique demands of the plastics industry where a sudden loss of air can shut down an entire operation. Finally, we sum up our top three overall industrial air compressors to power your tools.

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