shriekfest 2019 winners

Now in its 19th year, the Shriekfest Horror/SciFi Film Festival is calling for entries for 2019 by filmmakers from all around the world. Chase Williamson (actor) Best Male Performance in a Feature Film. Winners in all categories will be awarded and announced live at the awards show! Fantastic Fest 2019 Award Winners: "Fantastic Fest is pleased to announce this year's Fantastic Fest Award winners. Click to copy. Share. They are sleek, unique, and so heavy they could be deadly! Best Super Short Film: "No Sanctuary" Directed by Dan Lovallo. These passes include all parties, screenings, and panels. Shriekfest took place on Sept 29-Oct 2nd … Tweet. Best Thriller Feature Film Award. By Katie Atkinson. Back to top ALL Finalists and Official Selections will receive 2 full festival passes to the Los Angeles event and the Orlando event! *Shriekfest Blood Reel Trophy recipients do not include Best Commercial, Best Music Video, Best Actor, or Best Pilot Screenplay. Dread Central GREENLIGHT Tops SHRIEKFEST 2019 Winners [Josh Millican] His Name Is Death [Albert Nowicki] (Polish) Horror Fuel [Joseph Perry] [Adrienne Reese] [Michael Therkelsen] [Daniel Boucher] [Daniel Tafoya] starburstmagazine [Alan Boon] The Kim Newman Website (Kim Newman) It has been an outstanding year for features & shorts, making the job of honoring a select crop all the more difficult, but our esteemed team of jurors has done the nearly impossible and chosen the best films of the festival. Making Monsters directed by Justin Harding & Rob Brunner took the prize for Best Horror Feature Film. BEST COMMERCIAL Blood Bath Directed by Colin Costello, BEST MUSIC VIDEO Withorwithout by the band Parcels Directed by Benjamin Howdeshell, BEST PERFORMANCE IN A SHORT FILM Baker Chase Powell in “We Die Alone”, BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE IN A FEATURE FILM Jamie Tisdale in “Portal”, BEST MALE PERFORMANCE IN A FEATURE FILM Chase Williamson in “Greenlight”, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY Ganglers Written by Mark Renshaw, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM Peep Directed by Zachary Dehm, BEST THRILLER SHORT FILM We Die Alone Directed by Marc Cartwright, BEST HORROR SHORT FILM OverKill Directed by Alex Montilla, BEST SCI-FI FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Dark Noise Written by Christopher Allan Poe & Jen Badasci, BEST THRILLER FEATURE SCREENPLAY Agriturismo Written by Nick Rufca, BEST HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAY The Blood-Red Night of Hatchet Valley Written by Edward Martin III, BEST SCI-FI FEATURE FILM Volition Directed by Tony Dean Smith, BEST THRILLER FEATURE FILM Greenlight Directed by Graham Denman, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM Making Monsters Directed by Justin Harding and Rob Brunner, BEST COMMERCIAL The Spectral Bride Directed by Carroll Brown, BEST MUSIC VIDEO U.S. Butcher Directed by Aleksey Smirnov, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY Magic Written by Kenny J. Wright, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM Cabin Killer Directed by Michael Rich, BEST SCI-FI SHORT FILM Safe Directed by Tim Earnheart, BEST HORROR SHORT FILM Latched Directed by Justin Harding and Rob Brunner, BEST SCI-FI FEATURE SCREENPLAY: A Quiet War Written by Carroll Brown, BEST THRILLER FEATURE SCREENPLAY Pervert Written by Rona Mark, BEST HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAY No Child Left Behind Written by Daniel Shea, BEST SCI-FI FEATURE FILM Soundwave Directed by Dylan K. Narang, BEST THRILLER FEATURE FILM Alive Directed by Rob Grant, BEST SUPERNATURAL HORROR FILM Echoes of Fear Directed by Brian and Laurence Avenet-Bradley, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM Camp Cold Brook Directed by Andy Palmer, Best Horror Feature Film: Gnaw directed by Haylar Garcia, Best Thriller Feature Film: The Glass Coffin directed by Haritz Zubillaga, Best Sci-Fi Feature Film: Curvature directed by Diego Hallivis, Best Horror Short Film: Burn directed by Judson Vaughan, Best Sci-Fi Short Film: The Things They Left Behind directed by Sara Werner, Best Super Short Film: Classified directed by Kevin McMahon & Andy Dylan, Best Horror Feature Screenplay: The Heebies written by Andrea D. McGee, Best Thriller Feature Screenplay: Rational Panic written by Robert Rhyne, Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay: Remote written by Marc Roussel, Best Short Screenplay: Dark Hour written by Edward Martin, Best Music Video: Chainsaw by Craven Band, directed by Erick Melchiorri, Best Commercial: Scream Queen Wanted directed by Shane Cole, Best Horror Feature Film: Capture Kill Release Directed by Nick McAnulty & Brian Allan Stewart, Best Sci-Fi Feature Film: Occupants Directed by Russ Emanuel, Best Thriller Feature Film: Dead Awake Directed by Phillip Guzman, Best Horror Short Film: The Cleansing Hour Directed by Damien LeVeck, Best Sci-Fi Short Film: FlySpy Directed by Daniel M Smith, Best Super Short Horror Film: The Maiden Directed by Michael Chaves, Best Horror Feature Screenplay: Wolves at the Door Written by Pardeep Aujla, Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay: The Conspiracy Smith Written by Chad Allan Jones, Best Thriller Feature Screenplay: The Bride in the Box Written by Doug Bost, Best Short Screenplay: The Wishing Tunnel Written by Travis Gentry, Best Horror Demo Reel: Cornelius Broderick, Best 2016 Shriekfest Commercial: Jennifer Taylor Lawrence & Jon James Smith, Best Horror Feature Film: Interior Directed by Zachary Beckler, Best Sci-Fi Feature Film: The Answer Directed by Iqbal Ahmed, Best Thriller Feature Film: Landmine Goes Click Directed by Levan Bakhia, Best Horror Comedy Feature Film: Clinger Directed by Michael Steves, Best Horror Short Film: The Peripheral Directed by J.T Seaton, Best Sci-Fi Short Film: The Stowaway Directed by Rpin Suwannath, Best Super Short Horror Film: The Smiling Man Directed by A.J Briones, Best Horror/Thriller Feature Screenplay: Jakob’s Wife written by Mark Steensland, Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay: Knights of the Valiant Heart written by Edward Santiago, Best Short Screenplay: The Junkie’s Flaw written by Jeffrey Stackhouse & Richard A. Becker, Best Demo Reel:: Alessandro Pulisci Directing Reel, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM: Berkshire County Writen by Chris Gamble, Directed by Audrey Cummings, BEST SCIFI FEATURE FILM: Time Lapse Written by Bradley King & BP Cooper, Directed by Bradley King, BEST THRILLER FEATURE FILM: Nightmare Code Written by M.J. Rotondi & Mark Netter, Directed by Mark Netter, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM: Drudge Written & Directed by Kheireddine El-Helou, BEST HORROR SHORT FILM: Let Me See Your Eyes Written by Jack Nathan Harding, Directed by Derek Cole, BEST SCIFI SHORT FILM: The Developer Written by Horvath Aron, Directed by Robert Odegnal, BEST HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Ghost of Vengeance Written by Billan Lee, BEST SCIFI FEATURE SCREENPLAY: The Big Beyond Written by Tom Batha, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY: Hannah’s Birthday Written by Juliet Bergh, BEST ORIGINAL SONG: Forgetting How to Dream Jason James & Rodney Hazard, (music video produced by Chaman Malhi), BEST SUPER SHORT FILM: Jack Attack directed by Bryan Norton and Antonio Padoran, BEST HORROR SHORT FILM: Desolate Road directed by Marwan Abderrazzaq, BEST SCIFI SHORT FILM: Incident on Highway 73 directed by Brian Thompson, BEST ORIGINAL SONG: Alright by Scott Caswell, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY: Memento Mori written by Stuart Creque, BEST HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Endangered Species written by Stephanie Jessop, BEST SCIFI FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Genesis Prime written by Joe Crouch, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM: An American Terror directed by Haylar Garcia, BEST SCIFI FEATURE FILM: Abducted directed by Glen Scantlebury and Lucy Phillips, BEST THRILLER FEATURE FILM: The Last Light directed by Andrew Hyatt, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM: Nailbiter Directed by Patrick Rea, BEST SCI FI FEATURE FILM: Found in Time Directed by Arthur Vincie, BEST THRILLER FEATURE FILM: It’s in the Blood Directed by Scooter Downey, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM: The Sleepover Directed by Chris Cullari, BEST HORROR SHORT FILM: Blackout Directed by James Bushe, BEST SCIFI SHORT FILM: A Light in the Darkness Directed by Fed Wetherbee, BEST HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Nevermore Written by David Beran, BEST SCIFI FEATURE SCREENPLAY: When the Sleeper Wakes Directed by James Van Fleet, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY: The Last Rung Written by Matt Mintz, BEST ORIGINAL SONG: Push ’em Down Matt Mintz and The Ghosts of Electricity, WINNER OF THE BECHDEL TEST AWARD: With Child Jeff Kacmarynski, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM: Absentia Directed by Mike Flanagan, BEST SCI FI FEATURE FILM: Pig Directed by Henry Barrial, BEST SUPERNATURAL FEATURE FILM: The Dead Inside Directed by Travis Betz, BEST THRILLER FEATURE FILM: Isle of Dogs Directed by Tammi Sutton, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM: Certified Directed by Luke Asa Guidici, BEST SHORT FILM: Negative Image Directed by Karl Holt, BEST HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Shut In Written by T.J. Cimfel and David White, BEST SCIFI FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Time Wreck Directed by Larry Whatcott, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY: Hear No Evil Written by Ryan Gilmore, BEST WEBISODE: 31 the series Directed by Lucy Cruell, BEST UNDER 18 FILM: Molly and the Masked Storm Directed by Ben Kadie, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM: Ashes directed by Elias Matar, BEST SCI FI FEATURE FILM: Transfer directed by Damir Lukacevic, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM: Rise of the Appliances directed by Rob Sprackling, BEST SHORT FILM: Serum 1831 directed by Anand Kanna, BEST UNDER 18 FILM: On the Other Line directed by Saya Date, AUDIENCE CHOICE: Grey Skies directed by Kai Blackwood, BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Dead Crows written by Chris Todd, BEST UNDER 18 SCREENPLAY: Ain’t No Wolves ‘Round Here written by Ethan Steers, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY: Carbon Dating Written by Louis Rosenberg, BEST WEBISODE: Shady Texas directed by Jack Daniel Stanley, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM: Dark House directed by Darin Scott, BEST FANTASY FEATURE FILM: Spike directed by Robert Beaucage, BEST HORROR SHORT FILM: Death in Charge directed by Devi Snively, BEST SCI-FI SHORT FILM: Enigma directed by The Shumway Brothers, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM: Rift directed by Andrew Huang, BEST HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Dead After Tomorrow written by Benjamin Pollack, BEST SCIFI FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Upgrade written by Louis Rosenberg, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY: Seekers written by L.C. Shriekfest is an international horror and sci-fi film festival and screenplay competition and the longest running horror festival in Los Angeles & Orlando! Shriekfest, the Los Angeles Horror/SciFi Film Festival continues its tradition as Los Angeles' Premier horror film event, presenting an exciting program of films each fall with beautiful Los Angeles as its backdrop. Los Angeles: Shriekfest, the Los Angeles International Film Festival & Screenplay Competiton was a huge success! 01 October 2019; Dread Central It is the longest running horror festival in Los Angeles.In 2017, Shriekfest expanded to include an Orlando, FL festival location. Graham Denman’s Greenlight Tops Shriekfest 2019 Winners. It stars Chase Williamson, Jerry G. Angelo and Lauren Ashley Carter. The film had its international premiere at Macabro and world premiere at Popcorn Frights. directed by Mike Nelson, 2ND PLACE SUPER SHORT FILM: Sawbones directed by Brad Palmer, FAN FAVORITE: Roadside Attractions directed by CJ Roy, BEST UNDER 18 FILM: Semi-Colon directed by Matt Porter with Drew Lewis, BEST UNDER 18 SCREENPLAY: Safe in the House written by Katherine Morton, BEST HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Retard written by Christopher Alan Broadstone & John Franklin, 2ND PLACE HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Scary Larry written by Hamilton Underwood, BEST SCIFI FEATURE SCREENPLAY: First Born Written by Michael C. McPherson, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY: Still Life written by Charles Johnston, 2ND PLACE SHORT SCREENPLAY: Outside the Lines written by John Sullivan, SHRIEKFEST SPECIAL AWARD: James Kassier for his film “Deja Vu Deception”, BEST FILM IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: Lucky directed by Steve Cuden, 2ND PLACE IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: Next Victim directed by Timothy Gates, Jeff Solano, & Michael Chamberlain, BEST FILM IN THE SHORT HORROR CATEGORY: Black Gulch directed by Michael Strode, 2ND PLACE IN THE SHORT HORROR CATEGORY: My Skin directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone, 3RD PLACE IN THE SHORT HORROR CATEGORY: On Edge directed by Frazer Lee, BEST FILM IN THE SCI-FI CATEGORY: Transfer written by John Turbyne, 2ND PLACE IN THE SCI-FI CATEGORY: Robot Rumpus directed by Jason Dunn, BEST FILM IN THE SUPER SHORT CATEGORY: Paper or Plastic? Click to copy. He composed the music for the 2018 and 2019 Shriekfest Trailers. Regina King, Mahershala Ali, Rami Malek and Olivia Colman were tops in the acting categories and Spike Lee brought home Oscar for the very first time for Adapted Screenplay as a co-writer of BlacKkKlansman. Our custom trophies are hand sculpted and individually hand painted, so, no trophy is exactly alike. Shriekfest Blood Reel! The festival was founded by actress Denise Gossett. Kingsley creates a style of music that you could call his own. Shriekfest, the Los Angeles International Film Festival & Screenplay Competiton was a huge success! Copied to clipboard. Directed by Jack Swanstrom, BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY: The Lost Girl by Michael Mongillo, 2ND PLACE FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Horror World by Rolfe Kanefsky, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY: Safe Passage by Michael Raymond, THE PRETTY/SCARY AWARD: The Cellar Door Directed by Matt Zettell, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Death’s Requiem Cinematography by Carl Robertson, Directed by Marc Furmie, AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD: The Cellar Door Directed by Matt Zettell, BEST ACTING PERFORMANCE: James DuMont in The Cellar Door, BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS IN A FEATURE FILM: Atom Nine Adventures Directed by Christopher Farley, BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS IN A SHORT FILM: Postcards From The Future Directed by Alan Chan, BEST UNDER 18 FILM: Vanilla County Directed by Nick Diramio, BEST UNDER 18 SCREENPLAY: Empire of Wonders written by David Siudzinski, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM: The Other Side directed by Gregg Bishop, 2ND PLACE HORROR FEATURE FILM: Unrest directed by Jason Todd Ipson, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM: Itsy Bitsy directed by David May, 2ND PLACE SUPER SHORT FILM: The Boarder directed by Susan Bell, BEST HORROR SHORT FILM: Penny Dreadful directed by Bryan Norton, 2ND PLACE HORROR SHORT FILM: Avatar directed by Lluís Quílez, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Penny Dreadful (the feature) directed by Richard Brandes, BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS: Itsy Bitsy directed by David May, BEST MAKEUP EFFECTS: Night of the Leben Tod directed by Eric Forsberg, BEST ACTING PERFORMANCE: Amy Beth Sherman in Desperation, AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD: Bad Reputation directed by Jimmy Hemphill, BEST UNDER 18 FILM: Reposessed directed by Dustin Murphy, BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY: The Next Plane written by Christopher Moro, 2ND PLACE FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Reincarnate written by Carl Melchior, 3RD PLACE FEATURE SCREENPLAY: I, Detective written by Dean Alioto, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY: Adrian of Death written by Terence Brody, 2ND PLACE SHORT SCREENPLAY: The Last Request written by Joe Randazzo, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM: Dark Remains directed by Brian Avenet-Bradley, BEST SCIFI FEATURE FILM: Experiment directed by Daniel Turner, BEST THRILLER FEATURE FILM: Razor Eaters directed by Shannon Young, BEST HORROR SHORT FILM: We All Fall Down directed by Jake Kennedy, BEST SCIFI SHORT FILM: Apartment 206 directed by Gregory Zymet, BEST THRILLER SHORT FILM: 1309 directed by Christian Davis, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM: Into the Maelstrom directed by Peter Sullivan, BEST UNDER 18 FILM: Sinners directed by Michael DeVeau, BEST DIRECTOR: Hurt McDermott for Nightingale in a Music Box, BEST ACTOR: Richard Cawthorne in Razor Eaters, BEST EDITING IN A FEATURE FILM: The Passing, BEST EDITING IN A SHORT FILM: The Absence of Emily, BEST MAKEUP/SPECIAL FX: Guardian of the Realm, SHRIEKFEST SPECIAL MENTION AWARD: Olatunde Osunsanmi first time feature director of Within, BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY: The Bond of Saint Marcel written by Jennifer Quintenz, 2ND PLACE FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Utterson written by Nathan Hill & Nick Levy, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY: Details written by Thomas Hill, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM: Dead and Breakfast directed by Matthew Leutwyler, BEST SCIFI FEATURE FILM: Tales From Beyond directed by Josh Austin, Nate Barlow, Eric Manning, Russell Scott, BEST HORROR SHORT FILM: Roadside Attractions directed by CJ Roy, 2ND PLACE HORROR SHORT FILM: A Visit From the Sergeant Major With Unintended Consequences directed by Don Hannah, 3RD PLACE HORROR SHORT FILM: Husk directed by Brett Simmons, BEST SCIFI SHORT FILM: A Can of Paint written by Winston Engle, 2ND PLACE SCIFI SHORT FILM: Perfect Sec-Illusion directed by Jeremy Pollack, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM: The G.I. September 28, 2019 by Amie Cranswick. ALL Finalists and Official Selections will receive 2 full festival passes to the Los Angeles event and the Orlando event! Shriekfest Horror Film Festival is a film festival specializing in the horror genre. Graham Denman’s GREENLIGHT Tops SHRIEKFEST 2019 Winners. In its 19th year, Los Angeles’ annual Shriekfest Film Festival came to a close Sunday night following three days of screenings at Raleigh Studiosin Hollywood with its International Film Festival & Screenplay Competition, and among the winners was debut feature director Graham Denman’s film Greenlight, which took home the award for Best Thriller Feature. Reddit. Sean Buckley is a Canadian film, television, branded content and commercial producer and director based out of Toronto, Ontario.. Career. After screening 48 films and judging 40 screenplay finalists, the fest announced its winners. He is influenced by 60’s,70’s, and 80’s Horror and Sci-Fi films and likes to create sounds that are not of this earth. Sean is the owner and CEO of Buck Productions, which has been named on Realscreen's Global 100 list. Shriekfest award-winner Echoes of Fear gets a trailer, poster and images. 2ND PLACE SCREENPLAY IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: 3RD PLACE SCREENPLAY IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: 4TH PLACE SCREENPLAY IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY IN THE UNDER 18 CATEGORY: 2ND PLACE SCREENPLAY IN THE SHORT CATEGORY. The night's big winners included country singer Kacey Musgraves and rapper Cardi B. Pin. Shriekfest is the Los Angeles’ Premier horror film event, presenting an exciting program of films each fall with beautiful Los Angeles as its backdrop.. 2021, BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE IN A FEATURE FILM. Cruell, THE PRETTY/SCARY AWARD**: Death in Charge directed by Devi Snively(Award sponsored & chosen byPRETTY-SCARY.NET), BEST ACTING PERFORMANCE: Dameon Clarke in How to Be a Serial Killer, AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD: Lo directed by Travis Betz, BEST UNDER 18 FILM/SCREENPLAY: Lock (ed) In directed by Lea McMahanand written by Peter Jones, McKenzie Cupp, Molly Morgan, Katie Herbst, Ali Gianutsos, Jean Jamison, BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM: Bane directed by James Eaves, BEST THRILLER FEATURE FILM: Alien Raiders directed by Ben Rock, BEST SHORT FILM: Kirksdale directed by Ryan Spindell, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM: Eel Girl directed by Paul Campion, BEST HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAY: The Great American Nightmare written by Tom Manning, BEST SCIFI FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Scavengers written by Diana Kemp-Jones, BEST FANTASY FEATURE SCREENPLAY: The Hercynian Orchid written by Melisa Ford, BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY: Making the List written by Jesse Kyle Reisman, THE PRETTY/SCARY AWARD: Side Effect directed by Liz Adams, BEST ACTING PERFORMANCE: Rhoda Jordan in “Rule of Three”, AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD: The Open Door directed by Doc Duhame, BEST UNDER 18 FILM: The Perfect Victim directed by Eric Badger, BEST UNDER 18 SCREENPLAY: Big Kids Play Manslaughter written by Kelsey Bollig, BEST FEATURE FILM: The Chair Directed by Brett Sullivan, BEST SUPER SHORT FILM: No Sanctuary Directed by Dan Lovallo, BEST SHORT FILM: A.W.O.L. Shriekfest 2/10/2019. Culturally Obsessed & MUSE TV were at Bar Sinister to celebrate the opening night of the 19th Annual Shriekfest. © Shriekfest 2021 Red skull artwork by Shane Douberly. Shriekfest took place on Sept 29-Oct 2nd at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Sean is also the chief content officer of the CineCoup Film Accelerator. He then moved on to songwriting and is now composing. ... Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events. Shriekfest screened almost 40 films and had 40 screenplay finalists & 9 original song finalists. Los Angeles Horror and Sci-fi Film Festival & Screenplay Competition Celebs. We are honored to be able to share these wonderful trophies with our winners. 14 festivals have since followed and the film has won six Best Feature Awards. Best Short Film: "A.W.O.L" Directed by Jack Swanstrom. Flip. [Updated: 08/14/2006] Shriekfest Announces 2005 Competition Winners. Winners and Draw Codes for the 2019 Shop4Charity Calendar Sweepstakes in support of Breast Cancer Charities across Canada. It was a night of memorable moments and fabulous firsts as Green Book took home the Oscar for Best Picture. Shriekfest has named "The Bond of Saint Marcel" by Jennifer Quintenz as their Best Feature Screenplay for 2005. Shriekfest Grammys 2019 Winners: The Complete List. Dread Central can exclusively reveal that the 19th edition of Los Angeles’ Shriekfest Film Festival will open with Graham Denman’s Greenlight.The film will play the night of Friday, September 27. directed by Blake Horobin, 2ND PLACE IN THE SUPER SHORT CATEGORY: Final Appointment directed by Michelle Deal, FAN FAVORITE: Lucky directed by Steve Cuden, BEST SCREENPLAY IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: Bathory written by James D. Clayton, 2ND PLACE SCREENPLAY IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: Gomorrah written by Phil Penningroth, 3RD PLACE SCREENPLAY IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: Ark written by Alan Chan, 4TH PLACE SCREENPLAY IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: The Shepherd written by Ryan Golembeske & Ezra Werb, BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY IN THE UNDER 18 CATEGORY: My Boyfriend’s Back written by Stephanie Wood, BEST SCREENPLAY IN THE SHORT CATEGORY: Dead Sober written by Stephan A. Foley, 2ND PLACE SCREENPLAY IN THE SHORT CATEGORY: Eyewitness written by Gary Davidson, BEST FILM IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: Terror Tract directed by Clint Hutchison & Lance W. Dreeson, 2ND PLACE IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde directed by Mark Redfield, BEST FILM IN THE SHORT CATEGORY: Blood on the Backlot directed by Michelle Deal, 2ND PLACE IN SHORT CATEGORY: Human directed by CJ Roy, BEST COMEDY HORROR: Burning Passion directed by Brian Belefant, BEST SPECIAL FX IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: Despiser directed by Philip Cook, BEST SPECIAL FX IN THE SHORT CATEGORY: Samuel directed by Jody Fedele, FAN FAVORITE: Hell’s Highway directed by S. Lee Taylor, FEATURE SCREENPLAY: Cruel Logic by Brian Godawa, SHORT SCREENPLAY: Lost Night by Michael Trentacosti, 2ND PLACE SCREENPLAY: Thy Neighbor’s Wife by Michael C. McPherson, 3RD PLACE SCREENPLAY: Mastering Chauncey by Lawrence Monaco, 4TH PLACE SCREENPLAY: Happy Jack by Eric Frost Barnes, YOUNGEST DIRECTOR: The Monster Killers by Nicholas Robert Bryan, BEST FILM IN THE THRILLER CATEGORY: Siren by Steve Morris, BEST FILM IN THE FEATURE CATEGORY: The Wind by Michael Mongillo, BEST FILM IN THE SHORT CATEGORY: When Zombies Attack by Chad Waters & Matt Rose, SCARIEST FILM: Memorial Day by dMarcos Gabriel & Chris Alender, BEST MAKEUP/SPECIAL FX FOR A FEATURE: Things II by Mike Bowler, Steve Jarvis, Dennis Devine, BEST MAKEUP FOR A SHORT: When Zombies Attack by Chad Waters & Matt Rose, BEST SPECIAL FX FOR A SHORT: Y2K: Shutdown Detected by Slava Siderman, John Gonzales, Trent Shumway, MOST UNIQUE: Stop it You’re Killing Me by Kenny Yakkel, BEST SCREENPLAY: Karma by Jacqueline McKinley, FAN FAVORITE FOR SATURDAY NIGHT: Y2K: Shutdown Detected by Slava Siderman, John Gonzales, Trent Shumway, FAN FAVORITE FOR SUNDAY NIGHT: Memorial Day by Marcos Gabriel & Chris Alender, ©

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