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However, this has proven to be an incovenience for Chongyun himself, for though he has undertaken hundreds of successful exorcisms, he has never come face-to-face with a single ghost or demon. They inevitably dance. Orders ship out once a week - Incorrect use of promo codes will result in your order being refunded. Each blade deals 50% of Chongyun's ATK as, Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts cast within the Frost Field created by. Color: as pictutre show item included : 1x stand . ... by .~ Water bottle 水 ~. Chongyun first jumped onto the reception desk and shouted “Everything’s on me tonight,” never mind that he did not actually have any money on him. Free local pickup. Also one up for Beidou x Ningguang, Jean x Lisa, Dr. Edith x Dr. Livingstone and Vlad x Nadia from this thread. When dispatched on an expedition in Liyue, time consumed is reduced by 25%. The wealthy woman finally had a good night's sleep, and she came running to Chongyun the next morning with an overabundance of gold and jewelry as a reward. Pretty self indulgent smut. Her wealth was enough to hire the best exorcists from all over, but no matter what they tried, they had to retreat empty-handed. I saw a lively debate in the comments of a thread (can't find it anymore) about whether melt procs with Chongyun are better than vaporize procs with Xingqiu but no links or math. The plan was simple: get a position as a chef or servant (the palace was always looking for extra hands during a ball.) Tudo aquilo começou com Xingqiu, aliás, com quem mais poderia ter começado? Though it was hard enough to keep himself warm, he still felt this insufficient. And he would have dared to try it out, if not for the ever-present problem of his congenital positivity. Xingqiu once asked him this: “If you were able to master your congenital positivity and rid the world of all evil spirits someday... what would you do after that?”. Chongyun opened his mouth and closed it again, not able to muster up what he wanted to say. Xingqiu - Chongyun. Sword, Claymore, or Polearm-wielding characters within the field created by. His powers of exorcism are far beyond the norm: his mere presence is sufficient to scatter evil spirits. Description: Throughout its long history, Liyue has never had a lack of rumors and myths regarding all manner of evil spirits and demons. Perhaps he had indeed missed out on a lot in life on account of his condition. You’re killing your friend, Xingqiu. Ultimately, he would attempt to use his imagination to draw some suitably strange images. Chongyun knows a lot of “Xi” people. I voted for Chongyun and Xingqiu, their voice lines for each other are really endearing. Please consider turning it on! He wanted to say his feelings perfectly, wanted to make sure that instead out of impulse from the rising heat in his face, it came from his heart. Chongyun stays stoic. You were suddenly glad for your habit of travelling light. Yes, I partook in an ice-carving class when I was younger, so I suppose it does look somewhat like a professional’s; I hope to grow better at it, however. Chongyun faced a great deal of suspicion when he first took up the role of an exorcist. Because the more you neglect the past the more it'll find it's way back to you. They met there often; sometimes they brought a picnic, sometimes just books, sometimes nothing at all. Perhaps it was this resolve that earned him the gods’ favor - that said, the Vision granted to Chongyun was one of “Cryo” rather than “Pyro.”. 1. Article from ˚* on Twitter “in celebration of me getting both chongyun and xingqiu i finally present to u: The Boys™️ #GenshinImpact #原神” Article by HaoHao. Oh, dearest Chongyun. And though he waited until all the dishes had gone cold, he did not expect the tender rice balls to be stuffed with Jueyun Chili. Prompt/story idea I came up with, not an actual story, this didn't get any notes on my tumblr and I want more people to see it. Nov 5, 2020 - “#原神 #GenshinImpact chongyun & xingqiu adult” Then Chongyun brought a chair over and sat upon it in the middle of the house for a time. A little depressed, Chongyun began to wrestle with his own body. Sightings of the legendary Aoyin near the Sea of Clouds? Even the sound of that scares him a hundred time more than freezing in a lake on Dragonspine. ", “Oh, come now, there’s no such need for dramatics, my dearest,” his companion hums, tapping at his smudged chin. Who are you trying to fool?”. After learning about Chongyun's troubles, Xingqiu came up with a possible solution. Chongyun's congenital positivity is not only a huge obstacle in his path as an exorcist, but a constant daily hassle. The Genius Researcher and the Seed of Another World, The Mystery of the Girl in Red's Treasure, Act I: Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land, The Illuminated Beast of the Sea of Clouds, Snezhnaya Does Not Believe in Tears - Series I, NO VENTI? Despite all this, his congenital positivity did not subside a whit. Performing the secret hand seals, Chongyun summons 3 giant spirit blades in mid-air that fall to the earth one by one after a short delay, exploding as they hit the ground. “W-wait, what if someone sees?” Xingqiu tilted his head, a shrewd smile playing on his lips. When he heard about an evil spirit in Dragonspine, he made for the peak wearing only a shirt. Lies to Chongyun about ghost rumors just to cheer him up/prank him. i hope you enjoy <3. When Chongyun first ventured out as an exorcist, there had been much talk of an evil spirit lurking inside Liyue Harbor. Make sure he eats it. Thus did the Field Guide to Demons and Beasts grow ever more exotic. Afterwards, Chongyun scrimped and saved for an entire month to pay Wanmin Restaurant back for the mess and any damages he might have caused; he also gave Xiangling an evil-warding talisman he carved by hand. Xiao and Keqing Stands expected to ship at the Middle of December. Feel free to write an actual story out of it as long you don't claim the idea as your own. However, according to the victim, namely Xiangling, the chef of Wanmin Restaurant, many unforgettable things happened. And with that, he suddenly feels something blooming within his heart. Chongyun has had the privilege of meeting a true friend in his long journey as an exorcist: Xingqiu. I’ve moved up characters like Bennett and Xingqiu a bit from last time, as I’ve found more utility in them. Recently, Chongyun has begun to notice that his congenital positivity would act up whenever he was around Xingqiu, no matter whether Xingqiu was fighting enemies, or engrossing himself in his newest book, or just laughing at something he said. And not only did the noises persist, they even grew in boldness. “Nature truly is fascinating.”. (Or, a story about how every star in our galaxy is mired in pain, but a little bit of kindness goes a long way. Instead, he now tries to get Xingqiu to come with him to find such a spirit. Zhongli is already taken. Not anymore. Of these practices, he finds one particularly incomprehensible: hot springs. khi bị đóng băng nếu ko bị trọng kiếm đập vỡ thì quái chỉ đứng chịu trận hết time đóng băng mới thôi , bonus 2 thủy tăng 30% hiệu quả hồi máu Sucrose works like a discount Venti if you don’t have him. Best Offer: Make Offer. In truth, Chongyun wishes that he could fit in more, but he is often forced to reject the invitations of others on account of his need to control his congenital positivity. Genshin Impact... but round. DISCOUNT BUY 2 SAVE $5 BUY 4 SAVE $10 BUY 6 SAVE $15 BUY 8 SAVE $20 BUY 10 SAVE $30 Details: Materials: Acrylic Height around 10x15.5cm. Loading... Resume making your offer, if the page does not update immediately. Now, he's hearing it all over again at a cafe. But as far as he is concerned, inheriting these books has... also proved inconvenient. With a few days left on Xingqiu's rate up and Chongyun around the corner, do we have maths to know who is theoretically the best support for Diluc? Chongyun looked like he was about to protest. Genshin Impact is the latest open-world RPG game from miHoYo which was launched on September 28, 2020. xan-ren. It made jumping ship wherever shore you might end up in a whole lot easier. This natural ability that he has... is just not orthodox. ", "A master exorcist is staying over at Wangshu Inn? Xinyan - Chongyun once got drunk/congenitally positively high enough to rock and roll with her in a concert. 5K 179 6. hashagi. When using Paypal,your money is deposited securely in your account. Girl's Band Party! That night, the strange sounds were no more. But he doesn’t regret spending time. Other than textual descriptions, the books also contain illustrations of said evil spirits that carefully detail their unique characteristics - even if the artist may not have been the greatest talent. His glowing eyes that lit up with joy, his gentle lips which spoke wonders, his soft hair which Xingqiu yearned to just run his hand through and keep him safe. Now featuring (so far):Childe the walking disaster, Beidou the drunken disaster gay aunt, Ningguang the scheming cunning fairy godmother, Xingqiu best wingman-friend-brother-chaperone-babysitter, Xiangling the novice fujoshi, Chongyun is just precious as he is, Paimon as Aether's child that has to sleep before 10 or sent to daycare at Wanmin so daddies can have some romance, Lumine the pissed 'over-my-dead-body' sister, Tsaritsa the ex who can't move on, Xiao is Zhongli's angsty teenage son. It gave Chongyun a eureka moment. His methods include not drinking hot water, not eating hot or spicy food, wearing light clothes, not getting into arguments, keeping himself from being angered, staying indoors on sweltering days, and always bringing a parasol when on the job. Humans were a big mystery to them. As to which of his goals it was the Vision responded to, that is also a mystery. “Xingqiu,” Chongyun panted. Payment. Xingqiu - Goes exorcising with him and is generally a little shit. Xiao hasn't seen his childhood friend Zhongli for over five years. If one way of living doesn’t work, he just needs to find himself another - and in any case, he already has his answer. Follow. My bad. Beidou , Ning Guang , Xiangling , XingQiu , Chongyun and Qiqi Stands in stock . Hot New # 1. One day, they find themselves in a dire situation, thinking they'll die, Razor ends up meeting a peculiar kid who helped to confuse Razor even further. But Chongyun, as was his want, only accepted his usual fee of a few hundred Mora without an ounce of emotion on his face. But eventually the past has found it's way back to the present unknowingly, thus changing things and molding a different future. He has become beloved in Liyue for his "style and character," and indeed scholars have given him this appellation: "a heart of clear water, and a face of ice.". The present party was stunned into silence as you walked over to retrieve your belongings from Xingqiu’s grasp. Chongyun and Xingqiu - cuz I ship it hard; Art Request - Pixll and Dario uwu; I must Lewd Barbara because I didn’t know she’s Jean’s sister. But Xiangling, for her part, didn’t mind Chongyun’s “transgressions” at all. rex lapis isn’t actually dead ofc, but this does mean venti’s the second oldest archon behind zhongli. What the hell are all of you doing here?” She paused, brow furrowing. ", "The old house at Feiyun Slope has been taken over by an evil spirit? Chongyun's clan once held a celebration party at Wanmin Restaurant. 8 Works in Xiangling/Xingqiu (Genshin Impact) Navigation and Actions. In which Chongyun, an assassin working with the interest of the commoners in mind, meets Xingqiu, the second heir of the kingdom's biggest commerce guild, at a ball.Xingqiu also flirts. Chongyun still doesn’t know if this is true or if people are just teasing him. Size: about 10*15.5cm. Às vezes, Bennett pensava que o amigo azulado tinha uma lista chamada “formas de provocar o Benny.” O pior era que todas as vezes, os planos funcionavam. The people of Teyvat has come to accept a new era one without it's Gods and elemental powers. Go Through These Steps To Reach This Ship The first major update of Genshin Impact brought a lot of new quests including how to get to Pearl Galley in Genshin Impact quest. Things don’t go as planned. Genshin Impact: Headcanons/Prompts by DancingInferno Fandoms: 原神 | Genshin Impact (Video Game) Not Rated; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; F/F, F/M, M/M, Multi; Work in Progress ; 01 Jan 2021. Products; About; Contact ; Cart; Products; Cart; More [PREORDER] Genshin Impact | 4"x6" Sticker Sheet $ 5.00. But it wasn't his place to do that. I could learn a lot from him... Hmm, better go with a gift.". Albedo patted him on the arm. Ep 1. Orders ship out once a week - Incorrect use of promo codes will result in your order being refunded. “Swashbucklers!” Paimon chimed in excitedly. Chongyun sits somewhere between Kaeya and Xingqiu in terms of playstyle. 106 Stories. Description: 100% Brand New. From little critters to the monstrous demons ground in tall tales of horror, their varieties are almost dazzling. they didn't exactly care to get accustomed to their lifestyle, but it interest them nonetheless. “A little bit of thrill goes a long way every now and then.”. Dàn móc khoá này chỉ phù hợp với loại bao bảo vệ 7x7cm :D *NẾU ĐẶT SỐ LƯỢNG LỚN VÀ PHÍ SHIP QUÁ CAO BẠN CÓ THỂ INBOX VỚI SHOP ĐỂ ĐƯỢC TƯ VẤN GIẢM SHIP NHÉ! Add to Watchlist Unwatch. He grabbed Xingqiu’s wrist, trying to blink away the dampness from his eyes. gaybies. Again, really fun duo, Mihoyo does these … I see why some people like to ship these two romantically, but I feel somewhat uncomfortable about doing so, so for me this is purely platonic/bond oriented. Follow. It was one such terrifying story that inspired Chongyun’s vow to rid the world of evil spirits. Tags. Aether and Zhongli's quest of forming a new contract and their misadventures along the way of fulfilling the terms. Yet, when will that condition stop being a stumbling block on his path to self-realization? “We’ll have to be extra quiet, then.” Or, Chongyun confesses to Xingqiu and receives a lot more than he bargained for. It would make his face feel hot and his chest would start to have a tingling feeling. I heard that this place houses a very stubborn ghost. | General Discussion & Friend Codes, [Potential Spoilers] A New Star Approaches - story thoughts & discussion, The last attack of Chongyun's Normal Attack combo releases 3 ice blades. Perhaps I’ll … venti genshin impact venti genshin impact genshin mona genshin bennett Bennett Mona Childe genshin Childe implied Zhongli ;) implied xingqiu Zhongli/Childe Xingqiu/Chongyun They are good ships k idk how many of these I’m gonna make genshin aether aether sucrose genshin sucrose genshin Kaeya … Digging a hole in a frozen lake, he jumped in and soaked in the icy water while waiting for the evil spirit to show itself. Please, leave it to me.". Who could he possibly trust, if not his fine friend Xingqiu? Beidou stared at the gaggle of kids in front of her. it also says which art program the artist used for convenience purposes yeaa Xingqiu and Chongyun spend a snowy afternoon together. Chongyun strikes the ground with his greatsword, causing a Cryo explosion in a circular AoE in front of him that deals. Products; About; Contact; Cart; Products; Cart; More; On sale [PREORDER] Genshin Impact Gatcha Charms $ 7.00. “We’re swashbucklers.”. If done right, the poison should take effect during midnight, which would leave him dead by 3.00 in the morning, alone in his bedroom. “Hey—” miHoYo has updated the official website for Genshin Impact with the description for Liyue Harbor characters Qiqi and Keqing, and Mondstadt character Mona. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. He has tried everything to alleviate the issues both physically and psychologically. Two long years since Xiao has last heard the melody. Chongyun was born into a renowned family of exorcists, and has possessed a natural ability to drive away evil spirits froma young age due to his congenital positivity. This he did not find, but he did slap a charm on Xiangling’s forehead and chase her around with his sword. The victim of these hauntings was a woman from a family with a high enough stature to even have a word or two with the Liyue Qixing. heyo i did not expect to write this long of a Chongyun/Xingqiu fanfic but here we are. it also means he’s probably fought in quite a few wars despite him only becoming barbatos after the archon war ended (the war that banished durin to dragonspine for example). i missed drawing the boys theres this website called iradukai and its fuckin amazing bc various japanese artists post their step by step on finished works starting from sketch up to finishing touches. Razor was just Razor. If Xingqiu has time to spare when such an occasion arises, he will encourage Chongyun, treat him to some new cold dish that he has found and then set off to get Chongyun's swindled money back. Character: Xiao, Qiqi, Beidou, Chongyun, Keqing, Ningguang, Xiangling, Xingqiu Shipping: When ready, ship worldwide from China directly. chongyun genshinimpact diluc kaeya xingqiu childe zhongli venti genshin razor aether xiao xiangling tartaglia bennett beidou albedo ningguang jean impact. Zhongli (Chinese: 钟离 Zhōnglí) is a consultant for the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor who first appears in Chapter 1, Act II: Farewell, the Archaic Lord. Chongyun believes in his heart that a true exorcist should exorcize evil with charms and swordsmanship. Ever since that incident, Chongyun has found that his reputation precedes him for miles around. "What? However, after pursuing it down the mountainside, he discovered it was only a snow rabbit that had been frightened off by his flying swords and floating charms. Both kinda cocky,y too mature but unbelievably childish in a way. childe , chongyun/ayaka/kaeya , diona , xingqiu . (or Teyvat is now in the 21st century period and all traces of magic has disappeared until a bunch of struggling and romantically challenged high schoolers (Aether and the gang) finds it once again), Title inspired by The Moss by Cosmo Sheldrake. Work Search: I only have 69 mora:I now only have 69 mora, I only have 69 mora:I dont have enough mora to buy chicken nuggets :(, fetus:dw zhongli ill buy chicken nuggets for you, fetus:you see this is why youre still a virgin diluc, A whole Genshin chat fic revolving around chicken nuggets (or at least mentioned in every chapter or so). This effect can only occur once every 2s. Leave it to me! A warm and reliable companion indeed! Xingqiu usually makes these "leads" up as he goes, and thanks to his "advice", Chongyun often comes back empty-handed, blaming his bad luck. Zhongli is still just as stupid, and2. Due to his congenital positivity, he is constantly troubled by increased body temperatures and sudden urges or impulses. Xingqiu was disappointed by Guhua's martial arts program at the beginning, but he found the other tricks they taught be exactly what he hoped for. So when the latter waltzes into his repair shop with the most fucked-up laptop he's ever seen in his life, he realizes that: 1. With all the ability in the world but no place to use it, looked on with suspicion, and needing to suppress any passionate impulses... Those who eventually apologized to him were also few. Add to cart. "I tried my best to look for it, and even spent quite a sum purchasing intelligence on that evil spirit — but I wound missing it by a hair anyway", Chongyun says, abashed.

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