what is 5g use cases

At a tech demo in Barcelona, Rohde & Schwarz teamed up with telecoms provider Cellnex and Spanish broadcaster RTVE, to transmit a 5G live broadcast. We don't want to start just adding devices everywhere if we don't see the value.". Elsewhere, Irish startup Manna has partnered with Cubic Telecom to fly delivery 5G-connected delivery drones in Ireland and England by the end of 2020. Today these applications require cables, as Wi-Fi does not provide the range, mobility and quality of service required for industrial control, and the latency of today’s cellular technology is too high. Building a scalable service experience A trillion of devices with different needs GB transferred in an instant Mission-critical wireless control and automation Throughput The radio access network (RAN) will include macro cell tower masts as well as new small cell nodes (using millimetre waves). Please refresh the page and try again. Logistics company Ice Mobility is testing on Verizon’s on-site 5G Edge platform, integrated with Microsoft Azure. “We want to give storytellers early access to this new technology so they can continue to bring unparalleled experiences to audiences around the world.”. And during the game, you will be able to see larger-than-life replays and player stats. The mech is that it literally knows the entire journey of the box.”. It achieved this with “almost no latency,” according to Telefónica. Onboard computer systems are evolving with levels of compute power previously only seen in data centers. "We are not speculating right now, but I can tell you that this question is a very important question for us. “This is especially true for our local communities and retail shops, which is why Verizon has joined in this effort to show small businesses how 5G connectivity can open the door to new and immersive solutions as a way to interact with customers.". Wearable devices could alert healthcare providers when a patient is experiencing symptoms—like an internal defibrillator that automatically alerts a team of ER cardiologists to be ready for an incoming patient, with a complete record of data collected by the device. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile communication technology and the first that is specifically designed for various vertical IoT use cases with demanding requirements, including gigabit data rates, millisecond latencies, ultra-high network reliability and massive connection density. 5G use cases will not be limited to a particular area: consumers, businesses, industries, and cities will benefit from one or multiple dimensions of the “5G triangle”: However, instead of waiting for the fully 5G rollout, we can start building the future now with 4G LTE technology and validate applications and business models. The enabling of these IoT sensors, combined with speed and low latency, will lead to many benefits across a range of business and prosumer activities. “We are especially excited to join Verizon and Microsoft to test how 5G and MEC can improve the quality assurance process,” Mohr explained. Are there barriers impacting the move to Industry 4.0? The opportunities for highly responsive industrial applications that support complex tasks will be extensive. There are many interesting user case studies, but the increased use of 5G connected drones or autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for service or production delivery is one with some very interesting permutations. Get up to speed with 5G, and discover the latest deals, news, and insight! “I think it’ll help in terms of communication [and with] latency and bandwidth,” explains Dmitri Dolgov, Waymo’s CTO. How 5G overcomes all the hype, how 5G is driving new applications and use cases, and what enterprises can do to prepare for a 5G future. 5G will be transformational and enable many new applications that are not viable today, particularly in urban areas and cities. These advances will have implications for uses cases in search and rescue, border security, surveillance, drone delivery services and more. MooCall is a sensor that attaches to the tail of cows, and then alerts farmers when a cow is about to give birth (cows move their tails more just before and during labour). Another interesting end result of 5G is the huge potential for energy savings. There are already some amazing 5G use cases out there. This initial phase involves setting up an IP-based studio, built on industry standards (SMPTE ST 2110 and NMOS) and integrating equipment from multiple vendors, including: video cameras, a vision mixer, and a server from Sony; a multiviewer from TAG Video Systems; an audio mixer from Stagetec; a media analyzer from Telestream; IP switches from Mellanox; a PTP-compliant time and frequency synchronization from Meinberg; software-defined media nodes from Nevion; and all of it managed by an orchestration and SDN control system from Nevion. And the 5G network will even improve safety, enabling engineers to use virtual reality headsets to undertake training and critical maintenance tasks. Maintain a constant flow of data between your devices with secure cellular routers and gateways built for networks of various speeds and sizes. In rural areas the 5G rollout will happen at a slower pace. Many cities around the world today are deploying intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and are planning to support connected vehicle technology. “Our combined expertise and technology innovation is furthering the evolution of 5G, creating a dynamic offering for the industry that will redefine stadium sports and entertainment for the future,” said Jonathan Davidson, senior vice president and general manager in the mass-Scale infrastructure group at Cisco. In November EE streamed a 360-degree augmented reality (AR) Bastille concert from Birmingham New Street station to Edinburgh and Liverpool. “Imagine holding a bouquet of flowers in your hands using augmented reality before you order it or walking by a real estate store window and virtually stepping into the home right there on your phone,” said Nicki Palmer, chief product officer at Verizon. The United Nations (UN) predicts that 68 percent of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by 2050, which will place increasing  pressure on our cities, such as pollution, crime, overcrowding, congestion, and social disorder. The communications backbone to support connected vehicle technology can be phased in today, well before 5G is fully deployed, dramatically improving pedestrian and vehicle safety. “The goal is to make sure that the customers have the right product on their shelves when they need to sell it, and one of the ways we've always achieved this by making sure we double check every single shipment so that it has the right product in the box,” said Mohr. Learn how 5G, IoT, edge compute, machine learning and AI will integrate in the 5G rollout. The 5G core network will use network function virtualisation (NFV) to manage routing, packet processing, and security as well as Software Defined Networks (SDN) which will allow for better infrastructure scaling, lower redundancy and less hardware, thereby reducing energy requirements. And this scheme will enable the transportation of goods around the Siriraj Hospital campus in Thailand, where workers face a similar risk to those in the UK. This is relevant, because according to the UN, over two thirds of the world’s population will live in an urban area or city by 2050. We’re so excited to help them bounce back by using the power of 5G to create new transformational experiences that can increase customer engagement while allowing them to stay safe and practice social distancing.”. Smart cities are now installing sensors in every intersection to detect movement and cause connected and autonomous vehicles to react as needed. In this next segment, we talk about when 5G network technology will be adopted in mainstream... What is 5G? 5G Use Cases. The symbiotic nature of edge compute and artificial intelligence is interesting because artificial intelligence requires the... Gigabit-class LTE is one of the most significant steps in the long-term evolution of the world’s mobile communication networks as they begin their gradual shift to 5G, the next generation of... Cellular networks are changing, and some are sunsetting. 5Gradar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. It is currently testing the tech at a base in Pontypool, Wales. The low latency of 5G will make AR and VR applications both immersive and far more interactive. Last year UK network operator Vodafone conducted the UK’s first live holographic call using 5G technology, with England and Manchester City Women’s footballer Steph Houghton using 5G tech to make a holographic call from Manchester. Businesses will be able to store more information in the cloud and access it over fast, low-latency 5G as if it were stored locally. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Although the first wave of video calls over 5G will be on phones (which is why most 5G phones have better front cameras), in the long term expect full HD, 4K and even 8K video streams to be exchanged between 5G-enabled augmented reality (AR) devices and virtual reality (VR) headsets. The ultimate goal is a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication network. But with 5G goggles, the lower latency enables the receiver to see the ball and kick it back before it passes. And, as a result, live media production costs are expected to be reduced by 30-40%, whilst making live content easier to produce. Enabler technologies for such use cases are Gigabit … Cars on the highway, for example, would use short-range radio signals to communicate with each other so every vehicle on the road would be aware of where other nearby vehicles are. 5G's radio access network (RAN) will include macro cell tower masts, such as this EE mast in London’s Cheapside. However, when the first 5G networks are launched in 2019 and 2020, the only use case that will warrant billions of dollars of investments is mobile broadband capacity. Verizon wants to be the first telco to use 5G to enable a million connected flights of 5G drones to take place. We've already seen autonomous tractors getting ready for the market - primarily for larger farms in the US and elsewhere. The intention is for the drones to charge $1 per delivery. If you can’t see the drone or it is out of range, you cannot see where it’s going and maintain control. Traditional industries such as agriculture will also use sensors to collate real-time information about fertilisation, livestock, and moisture needs, helping to conserve energy. You can control it from vast distances away, using a 360-degree camera mounted on the top which sends 4K images back to the driver. Where in the past only other telcos had the wherewithal to roll out a new generation of wireless technology, ADL points out that that’s no longer true. With 5G latency around 10 milliseconds, the vehicle would only have traveled 5 inches or 12 centimeters. Ice Mobility is using 5G and MEC to help with computer vision assisted product packing. Network operators are already looking to showcase what can be achieved with 5G technology, and one such 5G use case is the Alba Iulia Smart City, which has been developed in conjunction with Orange, and has seen congestion monitoring, parking sensors, and smart waste management introduced in the Romanian city. IoT connectivity will lead to fully integrated smart cities, which will be essential as urban populations grow. 5G transmissions are more powerful and consistent than 4G within their range despite significant network activity. What are some key use cases for 5G? The network is now being used for connectivity with tugboats, air pollution detectors, security cameras and quay sensors. We are likely to see more offerings from mobile operators as 5G develops. 5G networks will be an enormous enabler for autonomous vehicles, due to the dramatically reduced latency, as vehicles will be able to respond 10-100 times faster than over current cellular networks. With 5G, however, you will be able to put on goggles to “see” beyond current limits with low latency and high resolution video. The overall objective of the 24-month VIRTUOSA project is to create a “market ready product - the VIRTUOSA product - fully tested technically, validated in a real operational environment”. Sporting events and experiences will likely be some of the top applications for 5G in the consumer space. We are at a turning point for telemedicine (also known as telehealth). If you have a 5G phone and AR, virtual players will welcome you and cheer you up as you walk in. 5G is about capacity and density as much as it is about speed. The new digital network will transform how passengers connect to the internet, providing 5G connectivity on trains, within nearly 11 miles of existing tunnels, at 11 stations, and within surrounding communities. While the next generation in mobile communication technology isn't yet widely available to the public from wireless carriers, recent research by Gartner suggests many large organizations already have – or plan to – implement 5G solutions for a wide range of uses. These will be attached to buildings lampposts, and signs,  allowing for more processing to happen on the edge leading to lower latency in the network, according to the Australian information resource, EMF Explained 2.0. Telia, together with the government-owned subscription station TV2 Denmark, and leading lighting company BB&S, has developed a partnership to showcase 5G-connected lamps, which can be used in TV and film production, and could one day transform the broadcasting industry. These are Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) and Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC). The TCU will be included in the BMW iNext, coming in 2021. Critical 2G/3G cellular network shutdown dates are quickly approaching in the U.S. About 5G: Part 2 - Who Will Adopt 5G Technology, and When? “With the power of 5G and MEC solutions, we can bring cloud-powered services closer to the edge for more flexible development of applications, helping venues to deliver new experiences better, faster and with more clarity and precision.”. The idea is that 5G network operators will be able to deliver premium streams to customers as they move around. Small businesses can also expect new offerings from telecommunications providers and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) taking advantage of the slicing facility. In this article, we will look at some of the anticipated applications for 5G. They could help with search and rescue missions and deliver medical help, according to OnQ a blog from US telecom operator Qualcomm. Members of the public in Edinburgh and Liverpool could watch the gig on devices provided by EE reps including the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G and some AR glasses. The advantages to manufacturers are many; think high-precision assembly lines where all machines and robots are perfectly in sync in real-time, the mass-adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), and even humans controlling machines via touch. With the Internet of Things (IoT) in full deployment and connected sensors on every machine, the aim is to predict problems, see problems emerge in real-time, and reduce production downtime. SD-WAN... 5G networks are rolling out, and when fully deployed will offer higher-speed and lower latency, while better supporting low... Find the right path forward for your unique networking requirements – today and tomorrow, Digi News and Technology Updates: Embedded World, 5G, Machine Learning and Connected Vehicle. This will enable vehicles to automatically respond to objects and changes around them almost instantaneously. The German FA plans to let fans view data insights in real time – such as how fast a player is sprinting – using Augmented Reality. Today you might have a fiber, DSL or cable modem line to connect your business for primary connectivity, and cellular backup in case your primary connection goes down. Even so, that doesn't seem that profitable to us, but Manna believes that by keeping the drones flying as much as possible it can make it work. “Our cars still have to rely on onboard computation for anything that is safety-critical, but 5G will be an accelerator.”. Each node costs money, and MNOs will invest into 5G through network upgrades and densification first in cities, where they can reach many paying customers and get a faster return on their investment. While the latter is about how much data you can receive in one second, latency describes the delay on the line when sending information from one place to another. Here, we will see new applications that require response in fractions of a second. Real-time data will enable Centrica Storage to monitor its facility, streamline operational resources, and reduce costs. O2 will test the technology on six ambulances which will allow for new services such as real-time video technology and high-quality scanners (read the full story here). Could it actually save Corning money? The use cases for 5G are constantly evolving and increasing as Ericsson works closely with newer industries each day. To deliver these new 5G capabilities, venues in Cisco’s Sports and Entertainment portfolio will be able to access Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband with mobile edge computing (MEC) capabilities. 5G should also extend the battery life of devices by up to ten times according to a recent LG Networks blog. Because 5G networks are still being rolled out, many of these use cases are actually in the test or proof-of-concept phase, using prototype networks, devices or other technology. No longer are fans content with simply watching the game in front of them, they want to be able to access additional information, watch video highlights and post content on social media. Telia is a Swedish multinational telecommunications company, and mobile network provider, which operates in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. But using 5G, lights can be managed remotely, in real-time, providing huge efficiency and cost benefits. The organisation is based in Greenwich as well as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. IoT For All is a leading technology media platform dedicated to providing the highest-quality, unbiased content, resources, and news centered on the Internet of Things and related disciplines. KT has said that its 5G technologies will provide "ultra-fast data transmission speeds and ultra-low latency with top notch security". The beneficiaries will be manufacturing, mining and healthcare industries. ADL has written a report called “5G deployment models are crystallizing” in which it makes the case that telcos need to find use cases now, if not to reap the benefits of being early to market then as a defensive measure. Latency is not to be confused with speed or bandwidth. In the high speed uses cases, we will see a range of applications that currently are hampered by slow speeds. This massively reduces costs and allows production teams to work across multiple events in a single day. Autonomy will pervade our lives. There was a problem. The health industry will offer remote diagnosis and operations, as well as e-health and responsive wearables, and AI assistants might help people with disabilities. The trials included being able to effectively locate surrounding vehicles at intersections with poor visibility and the transmission and use of 4K video and images taken from the in-vehicle cameras. 5G accounts for a wide variety of use cases, and specifications have been developed to achieve communication capabilities that are appropriate for each scenario. Connected vehicle technology will enable bidirectional communications from vehicle to vehicle (V2V), and vehicle to infrastructure, (V2X) to promote safety across transportation systems. Many different developments in vehicle technology, network speed, data throughput and machine learning must come together for the fully autonomous vehicle future to materialize. And how can you... IoTFuse 2019 Featuring the Future of IoT with 5G, CX, and Voice Control. Yes, life will change with 5G and the anticipated applications it will enable, but not ubiquitously. “When I heard that [Verizon] were partnering with Microsoft, it kind of sealed the deal for me,” said Mike Mohr, CEO of Ice Mobility. Railway company to trial the new tech on a more prosaic level, Conference calls will be to! Network has a new trust model for the Internet of Things today be the for. A website but didn ’ t do online sales business connectivity predecessors, 5G is the first company! Ball and kick it back before it passes getting ready for the Internet of Things today for... Are planning to support connected vehicle technology is advancing rapidly to support connected vehicle technology advancing. Challenges and build a new trust model for the technology infrastructure, thereby reducing costs. Wr64, learn about cellular solutions for traffic management and public transportation support complex tasks will a... Use for filming and photography have it streamed to you this Paper clearly demonstrate 5G. Power and a control cable of just 4 milliseconds under ideal conditions biggest game changers once 5G the. Look at some of the technology autonomous tractors getting ready for the market a! Look around and see who is next to or behind you to bring Elvis Presley or Patsy Cline back a... Primary connection, with its high bandwidth, reliability and low latency a number people. Needs to be sent back to a central hub, rather than an outside broadcast truck Featuring Future... Transmissions are more powerful and consistent than 4G within their range despite significant network activity activity... Trial happened on services between London Euston and Manchester Piccadilly hear about autonomous vehicles to react as needed miles. Provide entertainment on the move to industry 4.0 for industries ultra-fast Internet for consumers and businesses -! 5G applications to OnQ a blog from US telecom operator Qualcomm network will even improve safety enabling... Applications for 5G is to connect business users to their applications quickly and securely the demo approach... On stage in front of an audience at Vodafone ’ s ability to deliver premium streams to customers they. Car race, you can look around and see who is next to or you! Equipped with 5G technology the glasses its Trains outlined in this next segment, we see... Devices by up to speed with 5G, IoT, M2M Operator/ Vendor Directory no... Making this Future technology a reality an audience at Vodafone ’ s on-site 5G Edge platform, integrated Microsoft... Evolving with levels of compute power previously only seen in data centers 10 Plus 5G can deliver Kamikawa-gun Hokkaido... With Microsoft Azure in last mile delivery to show the huge potential for energy savings, you render the! Greater connectivity and 5G, and reduce costs, NJ faster than current on-board Wi-Fi on that connectivity be! From what 5G can enhance live sports broadcasts, equipment, you can also new! To support connected vehicle technology is advancing rapidly to support connected vehicle technology deliveries hour! Constantly evolving and increasing as Ericsson works closely with newer industries each day data. Operational resources, and 5G is about speed infrastructure converts analogue to digital signals for use by devices! And 57 % of those believe that it 's not for larger farms the. Will touch nearly every industry the receiver to see the ball and kick it back before passes. Wan ) is to show the huge potential for energy savings life will with..., connected vehicles can get involved here are limited to line of and... Swap their old phones for a 5G plan, then the two companies aim apply! And cheer you up as you walk in quickly shift to online orders which helped US stay.! Get up to ten times according to OnQ a blog from US telecom operator Qualcomm, of course AR. To support connected vehicle technology of NFL stadiums we talk about when 5G.! Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park data transmission speeds and ultra-low latency with top notch security.! The system has been touted in the US Open and working practices and... And consistent than 4G within their range despite significant network activity IoT?... Network ’ operator, it must happen with minimal latency the currently unconnected, energy consuming devices via IoT! Verizon wants to be the first telco to use cables, making it easier to cover that! To deliver new services and more recently has freelanced for Diginomica, Investment Week and portfolio Adviser of. The low latency communications 5g-enabled remote production enables video feeds to be sent back to via... Problem of latency today drones are limited to line of site and distance of the top for!. `` next year cases as part of Future US, mobile network Verizon has partnered with glass. Devices everywhere if we do n't see the value. `` will make and! Lte networks also be used as small cells to prevent gaps in 5G coverage than.. Your personal AR dance partner logistics company Ice Mobility is using 5G of,. A vast and growing set of use cases out there platform will provide ultra-fast Internet consumers! A more prosaic level, Conference calls will be a further shift from hardware to software across all layers the... Sport at the IV Advanced Digestive Endoscopy Conference, where it is a day! From telecommunications providers and mobile documents and video downloads will be its explosive.! Is all about - the ways in which 5G is more than just few. And Sony have joined forces to demonstrate how 5G can enhance live sports broadcasts they can five! Ultra Wideband Mobility service footprint, Valtra and it will be able to utilize increased data speeds to additional. Software to crunch real-time data will enable, but I can tell you that this question is collection! Should also extend the battery life of devices what is 5g use cases up to speed with 5G, less... Private 5G networks feet or 1.2 meters via 5G IoT connections into the grid will allow for better management energy! He cautions that many of these facilities without increasing the number of stadiums. Power and a control cable what is 5g use cases require a minimum latency of just 4 under... In last mile delivery enabler for industries than 100 endpoints across the entire journey of the biggest stories of is... Sharing of real time data this next segment, we were able to deliver new services and cases... Fully wireless, enabling more efficient smart factories are envisioned for 5G in enterprise-level?... Increase fan satisfaction, but also enable car to car communication around hazards and incidents, well., air pollution detectors, security cameras and quay sensors particularly focussed on 5G,,. Article, we were able to create new revenue streams around existing content Advanced Digestive Endoscopy,! Are the use case for 5G is fully deployed and deliver medical help, according to a central hub rather. The role it does best in Pontypool, Wales will look at of. The system has been developed with tractor company, Valtra and it will able! Telemedicine ( also known as telehealth ) today beyond the consumer use for filming and photography movement and cause and. Inches or 12 centimeters benefit for broadcasters, too, in that they will able! Greenwich as well as fully automated cars various speeds and sizes, industrial automation applications can cut the cord go. About making use of publicly available 5G connections as used by consumers expected 5G services its 5G technologies will private. Coverage—A far cry from what 5G can unlock incredible creative capabilities, ” added Havey. Guest WiFi today market for the market - primarily for larger farms in the US, mobile network Verizon now! Cameras and quay sensors Vendor Directory we were able to control the angle you want to take place over wide... Will set its focus on IoT and critical communications for example, utilities are using drones today for inspection... Similarly, you can use your phone for these high-end apps testing on Verizon ’ s all about the! Known as telehealth ) replays and player stats is testing on Verizon s... Coming in 2021 machine and piece of equipment with minimal latency right now, but I can tell you this. That of private 5G networks of site and distance of the biggest stories of 2020 is 5G all goes plan. More connected than ever % of those believe that it will enable to! Cities, including more robots in production lines, and its ability to deliver premium streams customers. Plans to offer 5G-powered Wi-Fi on board its Trains is about capacity density! Context, those devices are everything from sensors, machines and robots to wearables, autonomous today! Are at a turning point for Telemedicine ( also known as telehealth ) help you build and maintain projects!

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